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FairSmoke Success Stories


FairSmoke was founded to help smokers realise their dream of a better life without tobacco. Our vision is to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes with the help of FairSmoke e-cigarettes. Without the 5000+ toxins normally found in traditional cigarettes, FairSmoke is the better and easier way to a smoke-free life – as there is no tobacco nor tar in our products.

To get yourself started on the journey to a life without tobacco, please take a look at our convenient
FairSmoke e-cigarette starter kits in our web shop.

Here you will find your favourite flavours, whether you prefer your e-cigarette to taste of Apple, Liquorice, Cherry, Menthol or plain Tobacco. The liquid in our FairSmoke e-cigarettes is already in the refills for your convenience. The closed e-cigarette system is a more user-friendly version of the e-cigarette, and it is very easy to understand and use.

Everyone who has quit smoking knows that it is a big step in life, and for many it can be very difficult. At FairSmoke, we have created a quit smoking guide to make it easier for all our users and customers.

We are here to help you on your journey from the beginning to the end. Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced FairSmoke coaches – together we will reach the common goal: To become smoke-free once and for all!

We are very happy for all the amazing stories you have shared with us! We have gathered some of them here below for your inspiration to a better life without tobacco.

Your FairSmoke Team


To be honest

There are 2 e-cig companies I love! And this one, FAIRSMOKE is at the top.

Circe, United Kingdom



Excellent Product

I have tried other e-cigarettes and vape devises and must be honest this is the best one yet. The strength is really good and satisfying. Although I am not trying to give up smoking - it is really becoming a "social pain" to try and smoke indoors but with the Fair Smoke I can smoke indoors and have cut down my actual cigarette smoking from 25 - 30 cigarettes a day to about 6 a day. The FairSmoke is what is replacing my cigarettes and I am being more productive instead of having to waste time to run for a smoke. Price very economical and the replacement cartridges very affordable. Awesome product - look forward to more of this technology from this company.

Lerina, United Kingdom 




My free sample

This is very good and will be recommend it to friends!

Liann, United Kingdom