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Quit Smoking - With FairSmoke

FairSmoke was founded by smokers who wanted to quit smoking traditional cigarettes but knew how hard the process could be. With the true understanding of what it is like to be a smoker, FairSmoke was created. The FairSmoke experience is made to be practical, affordable, and user-friendly, so that you as a smoker can put all of your focus on your real goal – quitting smoking. With our 3 step products and guidance, you can finally become smoke-free without turning back to traditional tobacco and tar-based cigarettes.

Before going through the steps, we want to remind you that quitting smoking is a personal process and varies for each individual. Some might be able to go through our steps quicker than others, so please keep in mind that the overall goal is to become smoke-free – regardless of the time it takes.

We want to help you achieve your goal once and for all.
Together we will reach your goal – to quit smoking!


1) Choose a FairSmoke flavour - your decision to create a healthier future has begun!

It’s important to choose a refill flavour that you enjoy smoking and fits your smoking lifestyle. The FairSmoke refills come in five different flavours:

Original Tobacco created for the classic smoker looking for a traditional flavour
Menthol for those used-to-be menthol smokers craving a cool & clean sensation
Apple for the smoker looking for something fresh and fruity
Cherry for those who want to try a side of something sweet
Liquorice for the smoker looking for a bold, rich, and slightly sweet experience

We have three levels of nicotine refills available. We advise all our users that smoke every day to start with our strongest strength called “Red”, which is the 19mg nicotine refill. Our medium strength refill is “Blue” (11 mg nicotine), and “Silver” is our nicotine free refill (0 mg nicotine).

2) Order your FairSmoke product right to your door – your new and better life is only one click away

Always have/keep your FairSmoke ready to go during your goal to quit smoking. We recommend signing up for the subscription package to assure that you never run out of fresh refills and have the best experience possible. You can read more and choose your subscription package here. The FairSmoke subscription contains everything you need to start a better life today – at a discounted price!

If you prefer to begin with a FairSmoke Starter Kit, you can go to the web shop and place your order here. The FairSmoke Starter Kit also contains everything you need to stop smoking and start your healthier life.

3) Your FairSmoke has arrived – time to begin your healthier life!

You have now received your FairSmoke package and have everything you need to finally be smoke-free. This is when the real work starts – it can be difficult to begin with, but remember that you are not alone in this, you can contact us at any time!

To start with, you can choose to use your FairSmoke as a substitute to reduce smoking traditional cigarettes. Create small daily or weekly goals, and take it step by step, with your long-term goal in mind.

4) Downgrade your nicotine level – the healthier life is getting even healthier

Cut nicotine out of your life gradually using our step-down strategy. It is important to not go down a level before you are sure you are 100% committed to the process. Start with our strongest level, “Red”, which contains 19 mg of nicotine. Next, reduce your nicotine level to “Blue”, our medium strength level, with 11 mg of nicotine. When you feel ready, the last step is our nicotine-free level, “Silver”.

Using the step-down strategy, you will be prepared as you have gradually worked your way down to nicotine free smoking.  You can still enjoy your favourite flavours, just without the nicotine now. You can then live a much healthier life, without tobacco, tar, nicotine, and approximately 5000 other toxics found in traditional cigarettes.

5) Guidance and questions – we are here to support you through your journey

FairSmoke is here for you, consider us your personal support team! Your FairSmoke professional team and coaches are available for you if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback. We are here to help you quit smoking, and we are more than happy to guide you in the right direction. You can find our contact information here. Don`t hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,

Your FairSmoke Team