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Did you know that e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes?

Did you know that e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes?

A study carried out by scientists at the Cancer Research UK institution has shown that e-cigarettes are approximately 95 % safer to use than tobacco and tar based cigarettes. This research was conducted by testing the long-term use of e-cigarettes among adults in the UK with the purpose of clarifying whether the chemicals in e-cigarettes are as much of a health risk as those in cigarettes. The study showed that e-cigarette users have approximately the same levels of nicotine in their blood as traditional smokers – making e-cigarettes an efficient tool to quit smoking – and that nicotine is addictive, but does not cause cancer.

What does cause cancer is 70 out of the approximately 5000 different chemicals used in regular cigarettes, resulting in over 100.000 deaths in the UK alone each year.

At FairSmoke we highly recommend our customers to consider their health and the risks connected to tobacco use.
Instead we encourage you to use FairSmoke for a better life without tobacco!

E-cigarettes are much safer than regular cigarettes

Source: Cancer Research UK

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