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12.5% rise in UK vapers according to study

There is an increase in the number of vapers in the UK over the last year. A new study has shown that there has been a 12.5% increase in a year, up to 3.6 million people.
The number of vapers within the UK has risen to record levels and now take up almost 10% of the population. This means that there are more vapers now than there has ever been.
The 35 - 44 age bracket has the most users with the 45 - 54 age bracket closely following behind. The age bracket with the lowest number of users is 18 - 24.

The survey covered well over 10,000 people and was carried out by the Ash charity.
Almost a third of the vapers surveyed said that they had formerly been smokers and took up vaping in order to stop smoking.
A professor who specialises in tobacco addiction commented that vaping still had some risks associated with it, but in comparison to smoking it was significantly safer.
A fifth of the vapers surveyed said that they used e-cigarettes in order to stop themselves from going back to smoking.
Despite the lower risk levels there have still been some deaths in the USA that are linked with vaping. A lung disease has killed more than seven people with almost 500 cases being reported at the moment.
The CEO for Ash said that the news from the USA was an obvious worry, but at the moment all of the signs are pointing towards the lung disease being caused by people who misused their vapes. Because there are no regulations in the USA for vaping, it means that some people have used their e-cigarettes to deliver drugs to their system. This isn’t the case in the UK, where there have been no cases, because the regulatory body wouldn’t allow it.
She followed this up by saying that the news from the USA shouldn’t scare people into returning to smoking. As long as the vapes are used correctly then the risk levels are still significantly lower.
Almost 15% said that they vaped for enjoyment and slightly fewer said they vaped in order to cut costs.
Just under 1% of the vapers surveyed had never tried smoking and three quarters of them said they started vaping to see what it was like.
Ash commented that vaping is now the most common method that people use to try and quit smoking. Despite this, more than 30% of smokers still haven’t given it a try.
The charity continued to say that vaping is seen as the most effective way to give up smoking. It’s one of the best ways to stop smoking and reduce the risk to your health.
There is also research that shows that vapers who have never smoked are more likely to begin smoking in the future. Although, this is a small number of vapers, at less than 1%.

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