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Vaping allowed on site at Derriford Hospital

Managers at the Devon hospital carry out a U-turn

Smoking in any form was banned at Derriford Hospital in 2016. This meant that smoking and vaping were not allowed on site. The board has reversed the decision in relation to vaping after PHE said that vaping had a risk level 95% lower than smoking.

This means that the site will now change its signage to show this new policy.
The news from Public Health England confirmed that because vaping helps smokers to quit, then it shouldn’t be demonised in the same way.
It means that areas within the site will now allow vaping, but vapers will still be asked to stay away from entrances to the building and any bus stops that are on site.


Getting away from smoking 

There will be clearly painted lines on the hospital grounds that will mark where smoking is not allowed anymore. Vaping will still be allowed in these areas.
A director for PHE commented that making the switch from smoking to vaping will always be an improvement in regards to health. Because of this it makes sense to cater to vapers in order to encourage their positive health choices.
He also said that it’s better to move to vaping as soon as possible so as to limit the health risks.
PHE has spent the last two years trying to make all NHS premises smoke free, and this move is a positive step. It follows on from the NHS Trust in the West Midlands carrying out a similar decision.

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