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Derriford Hospital reverses anti vaping decision

In 2016 Derriford Hospital banned all smoking and vaping on its grounds. The board behind the hospital has reversed this decision after it emerged that PHE confirmed that vaping was more than 90% less harmful to people than smoking.
This means that the new plan for the hospital would be to make it tobacco free. This is in contrast to the smoke free label that it previously applied as it would ban cigarettes but allow vaping.
PHE commented that it believed vaping was a positive method to help people quit smoking. The new plans for the hospital will see signs changed to say it is vape friendly, but it will still expect people to avoid areas where there are crowds of people.


Making quitting easier 

The hospital will have both signs and painted lines to make it obvious where smoking isn’t allowed and where vaping can be carried out.
A director at PHE said that all current research shows that vaping is a much safer alternative to continuing to smoke. While vaping is not completely risk free, it offers much smaller risks than smoking. People will always be much better off if they quit smoking. The organisation is happy that the UK has spent a lot of time trying to accommodate vaping as an aid to quitting smoking.
This comes after PHE has spent the last two years trying to create a truly smoke free NHS. The ban on smoking on hospital property was also carried out by West Midlands hospitals last year, but vaping is still allowed.

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