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The number of British people who vape is on the rise

The number of UK vapers has increased by more than 10% over the last year. This puts the figure at over 3.5 million people. Part of the reason for this is the vast swathes of research all pointing out that the risk for vaping is a lot lower than for smoking.
The vaping population makes up just over 7% of the UK population. This makes it one of the most popular products to aid the quitting of smoking. It is mainly used by people between the ages of 35 - 54 with a smaller proportion of younger people using it.
The numbers for this study were compiled by the Ash charity, and they are pretty much in line with the worldwide figures. About 31% of the people who vaped in the poll said they used vaping in order to quit smoking.

A professor at King’s College who researches tobacco addiction commented that while vaping still has risks, it has much lower risks than smoking which has an annual death toll of 100,000 every single year in the UK.
In the USA there have been some potential vaping related deaths, due to the lung illness which has killed almost 10 people. There have been over 400 reported cases of this illness, on top of the deaths.
The CEO of Ash said that the cases in the USA were obviously a worry, but the main link appears to be the use of vaping to consume drugs. There have been no UK cases where there are regulations in place, whereas in the USA there are no regulations at the moment.
Because of this it shouldn’t be seen as a way for vapers to be worried into smoking again. As long as vapers use legitimate products and don’t use them to consume products that are not regulated then vapers will be significantly safer than if they were smoking.
Of the vapers that were included in the poll almost 15% said that they continued to vape because they enjoy it. Slightly fewer people said they did it because it was cheaper than smoking. Just under 1% of the people said that they had never smoked in their lives, but the overall majority of them said they just started to see what it was like.
With vaping now becoming the most popular method for smokers to quit, the survey found that more than one third of people who smoked had never tried using an e-cigarette. The head of the survey said that she felt it was the right time to give it a try in order to fully quit smoking.
Because vaping has been shown to be highly effective when it comes to helping people to quit smoking, this research should back up the point that vaping is one of the best ways to stop smoking for good. It also backs up previous research which reached similar conclusions.

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