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Vaping shown to be not as dangerous as tobacco

A new study, which is the first to be carried out over a medium to long period of time, has shown that vaping is significantly less harmful than using cigarettes.
The study showed that over a six month period the number of toxins and carcinogenic chemicals inside the subjects body was significantly lower when they had switched to vaping as opposed to continuing to smoke.
E-cigarettes were also shown to have similar results to nicotine patches in terms of the reduction in harmful chemicals in the body.
It’s hoped that the results of this study will help to alleviate some of the doubts surrounding vaping as an aid to quit smoking.

Previous studies that have put vaping on the same level as smoking have been shown to be inaccurate by this latest study.
This new study also backs up the view from Public Health England that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.
What was also shown that people who were unable to completely move away from smoking cigarettes still had a large amount of harmful chemicals in their body.
The lead author of the study said that it proves that vaping and other nicotine replacement therapies are much more safe to use than smoking. It means that by using these products to stop smoking people are keeping themselves safer than if they were to continue smoking.
The study has shown that the toxins from cigarettes begin to leave the body when making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. It also shows that previous studies that used simulations rather than real test subjects had returned false results. This means vaping is much safer than previously thought.
The results of the study are important to people who want to quit smoking and want a safer alternative. What the study also showed was that the level of nicotine that vaping provides is actually at a similar level to smoking a cigarette, not higher like previously thought.
The study was funded by Cancer Research meaning that it was independent. The study itself contained three groups. Smokers, smokers using nicotine replacement such as vaping and people trying to quit with nicotine replacement and smoking at the same time.
The nicotine replacement group had levels of toxic chemicals lower than the smokers groups by up to 97%.
There was also a very small difference between the smoking group and the group that vaped as well as smoked.
This shows that the presence of harmful toxins are due to the use of cigarettes and that using e-cigarettes to quit smoking helps users to reduce the levels of harmful toxins in their bodies.
A director from Cancer Research said that this study is very important when it comes to reducing cancer rates not just in the UK but around the world. More than 30% of all smoking deaths are caused by cancer, so by reducing those toxins in means that the number of those deaths can also be reduced.
The study also proves that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and shouldn’t be demonised in the way that they have. The ability to quit smoking by using a less harmful alternative should be encouraged, not fought.
Many other people within the field of cancer research have called the study groundbreaking. They feel that it will go on to help a large number of people to quit smoking now that they know vaping is much safer. What it also does is show that vaping isn’t as dangerous as many people have claimed, it actually offers a lot of benefits to smokers, especially in terms of reducing the number of toxins in their bodies.
A researcher at Oxford said that this study is a positive, but it shouldn’t be the end. There should be more studies carried out in order to prove conclusively that e-cigarettes are a positive aid in the fight against smoking. The evidence should be stacked as high as possible in order to combat anyone who claims that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking.
They also said that cigarettes are one of the most deadly products on the planet. While e-cigarettes are not 100% safe, when compared to the alternative they are by far the best choice to make.
A director with Public Health England commented that e-cigarettes are a positive step towards getting people away from smoking and can help to reduce the level of risk they are under.
He also said that while it should not be seen as a good choice for non-smokers, vaping is one of the most effective methods available when it comes to quitting smoking. Switching to an e-cigarette is one of the best ways to get rid of the smoking habit and it will be one of the best things a smoker can do for their health.
Although they weren’t involved with the study the vaping industry also commented on the news. They said that they were happy that finally research is coming out that tells the truth about vaping. It can be a positive step towards making the world smoke free. This new study could help many people reduce their risk of harmful diseases and should be made clear by as many health groups as possible.

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