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Vaping is better for hearts than smoking

A new study has shown that smokers are able to reverse some of the damage that smoking does purely by switching to e-cigarettes. A new study has shown that vaping lowers the risk of stroke and heart attacks while also allowing hearts to recover in just a matter of weeks.
While the study does not say that vaping was safe, it did confirm that it was a better option for your health than smoking. This was backed up by the BHF who said that quitting smoking would help your heart in a positive way.
The main issue for your heart in regards to smoking is that it closes up your arteries which massively increases your chances of suffering a heart attack.
While there had previously been very small amounts of research done on vaping and the heart, this new study was carried out in order to fix this problem and to find out how vaping impacted the heart when compared to smoking.
The study checked how the arteries and blood vessels reacted in smokers, non-smokers and vapers in order to gather enough data to offer definitive advice.
It found that the more than arteries and blood vessels were able to stretch, the more healthy they were. This level of health is linked to staying safe from having a heart attack or stroke. The results from the study showed that smokers have by far the worst level of expansion in their blood vessels with 5.5%. Non-smokers had the best with 7.7% and vapers who had quit smoking for a month and switched over to vaping had a score of 6.7%.
This shows that there is a level of improvement in heart health just from a month of quitting smoking and moving over to vaping.

What the study didn’t show is if the vapers would ever be able to get their heart health back to the same level as non-smokers. This is because the study was just for a month and this isn’t long enough to see if the heart could return to its previous levels, or if vaping would in fact still offer some levels of reduction in heart health.
While it was shown that being a non-smoker is the best method of keeping your heart healthy, it also showed that vaping is significantly better for you than smoking. So while quitting everything altogether would be the best course of action, if vaping is the only way to quit smoking then it’s the lesser of two evils.
Vaping hasn’t had all good press since it became a more mainstream activity. Just last year a teenager in the UK almost died after vaping caused a big issue within his lungs.
However this is an isolated case and the dangers of vaping are proven to be significantly lower than smoking. Starting vaping if you’re a non-smoker is definitely something you should avoid, but given the choice between vaping and smoking there is only one winner.
This is something that is backed up by the BHF, who think that smokers should quit using any method that works for them.
A professor at Nottingham University commented on the study, saying that he believes it shows that vaping is an effective method of quitting smoking and offers a safer alternative. The study shows that vaping does less harm than smoking does, which makes sense due to the lower levels of toxins in the vapour.

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