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E-cigarettes linked to helping large numbers of smokers quit

Usage increases in smokers and ex-smokers

In a new study it has been found that using e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking helps as many as 70,000 people each year to drop the habit.
The study, that was carried out by the UCL, looked at the impact that using an e-cigarette could have on the success of someone who was attempting to quit smoking.
The data used for the research went back almost 15 years in order to have the widest data set possible. It used the Smoking Toolkit in order to collate its data, which was a regular survey that is carried out in England.
The study found that when e-cigarettes were introduced to the mainstream public the number of successful people quitting smoking increased. This means that there is a correlation between the use of e-cigarettes and being able to quit smoking successfxully.
After an initial jump in number of users, the numbers started to even out around 2015. This also led to a flattening of the success rate for people trying to quit.
The data covers a 12-year period starting in 2006. They studied the data of more than 50,000 people who smoked and they found that over that time there are up to 70,000 people who had managed to quit who wouldn’t have been able to if they had never discovered e-cigarettes.

The researchers looked over a number of different factors when analysing the data, more than just the access to e-cigarettes.
The lead researcher for the study said that this provides new evidence to help back up the belief that e-cigarettes can be a positive force in the battle to quit smoking. She also said that at the moment there is the right level of control placed over e-cigarettes, both in terms of marketing and regulation.
She also said that the study found that despite media hysteria there were very few users of e-cigarettes who had never previously smoked.
Although the study shows that e-cigarettes helped with quitting smoking, there is still a question mark about how harmful vaping is in the long term. Because they have been around a short while, there is no data on long term impacts on health.
Just last year there was an outbreak of lung conditions that have been associated with the regular use of e-cigarettes.
A spokesman from Cancer Research commented that e-cigarettes are still too young for the true impact of them to be known. They know that there are risks involved with using them, but at the moment the true long-term risks are a mystery. What they do know is that they can help with quitting smoking and despite the risks associated with vaping the research that’s out there suggests it’s still not as damaging as smoking.
He also added that anyone who is attempting to quit smoking should visit the website run by the NHS that’s dedicated to supporting people on their journey.

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