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Smokers Switching to Vaping Save £350 a Year

A recent UK study found that smokers switching to e-cigarettes can save nearly £350 a year compared to the consumption of tobacco cigarettes.
The opportunity to save money is one of the main reasons people switch from smoking to vaping, according to the study. But the participants of the study noted even more benefits.
Former smokers also praised the greatly improved odour of the liquids. Furthermore, they noted that the annoying smoker's cough disappears.
The survey was conducted on 1,790 Britons who were either still smoking or had already made the switch to vaping. In addition to the financial aspect, which was key for many of the participants, they also noted improvements to dental health, and three out of ten respondents said they had fewer breathing problems.
43% of the respondents said they felt less stressed after switching to vaping. Two thirds of the former smokers also said they would never smoke again.

Number of Vapers in the UK Is Increasing

There are now more than three million vapers in the United Kingdom, with a rising trend. For these people, the switch was life-changing, as noted by Dr. Christian Jessen after reviewing the results of the survey commissioned by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA). However, the study revealed another surprising result: 40% of smokers have never tried vaping.
The fact that many people who switched to vaping saved money proves that the switch to e-cigarettes can be quite beneficial. With this money put aside, many of these former smokers were able to afford a vacation. This becomes even clearer when you consider that respondents smoked an average of 5,216 cigarettes a year before switching.
Asked if vapers could recommend switching to e-cigarettes for those who want to quit smoking, 80% answered positively.
As the results of the study show, there are numerous reasons for switching from smoking to vaping. The huge savings should also be a motivation for smokers in Germany, which could make the decision easier.
On the other hand, there is still a lack of long-term studies that highlight any effects of vaping on health. In addition, the e-cigarette is still not regulated, which means that in many places vaping is equal to smoking. This brings up a conflict, because people who want to free themselves from their vice and have discovered the e-cigarette as a substitute come back into contact with their addiction. However, this should be avoided if possible.
Furthermore, the vaper is so exposed to the unpleasant effects of smoking, so they have to inhale the smoke and endure the unpleasant odour of the tobacco cigarette. At this point, new regulations are needed to allow the vaper to understand their role in society.

E-Cigarettes Provide Numerous Benefits

In summary, it can be said that switching to e-cigarettes only has advantages, including the financial benefits and the pleasant odour. Liquids are available in all sorts of flavours, including fruit, caramel, chocolate and more. Another advantage is that the amount of nicotine can be adjusted individually and reduced over time. There are also former smokers who only smoke liquids without nicotine, gradually easing themselves away from their addiction.
As far as costs are concerned, vapers can mix their liquids themselves. The required accessories are available in numerous specialist shops and online shops. Experienced vapers have not only saved money, but also found an interesting new hobby for themselves. Meanwhile, there are even vaper communities on the Internet, where fans of e-cigarettes can discuss and exchange their views.
Consumers also report other cosmetic benefits of vaping. No unpleasant odour sticks to clothing, wallpaper and curtains anymore, and even the yellowish surface is a thing of the past. Full ashtrays or scorched sofa cushions are also banished from the home.

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