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Vaping vs. Smoking

You have no doubt already heard about the phenomenon that is the e-cigarette. If you want to switch to vaping for smoking cessation, this could be the method for you. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a few factors.

Facts about Vaping

The electronic cigarette is still quite a new technology. E-cigarettes have been available in shops and online for around ten years. There are still many people who know very little about it though. In the following text, there will be explanations and comparisons of some of the aspects of smoking and vaping. This will provide a better understanding of the differences and similarities between conventional and electronic cigarettes.
Because of missing statistics and research on the topic, in the beginning many questions went unanswered. Nevertheless, a lot has changed over the last couple of years. Numerous renowned researchers have published their studies on this topic to highlight the various theories that circulate around vaping.
Vaping is still quite a new thing and many studies are still ongoing. Therefore, vaping is often classified in the same category as classic tobacco cigarettes. Over time, these ongoing studies will finalise and vapers will be able to enjoy a greater amount of freedom than smokers.
When comparing vaping and smoking, there are a few aspects which need to be considered and these are what we will discuss below.

Vaping & Smoking: The Chemical Composition

Whether you’re filling your lungs with burned smoke or vapour, both can have serious consequences for your body. The effects of smoking on physical health are already known. As far as vaping is concerned, the studies are not yet complete. However, some health effects, both in vaping and smoking, have been identified by researchers.

The Chemicals Released During Smoking

When tobacco is combusted, thousands of substances are released. Over 20 of these substances are considered to be carcinogenic. These substances include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, lead and different nitrosamines. In addition, the tobacco also contains the narcotic nicotine. When people say they have a smoking addiction, they really mean they have an addiction to nicotine.
As already noted, the majority of the chemicals released during tobacco combustion can cause serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

Chemicals Released During Vaping

Nothing is burned during the vaping process, and this simple fact eliminates a lot of the chemical nasties mentioned above.
Trials on vapours have revealed that there is a substantial difference in the number of released carcinogens. The chemicals contained in e-cigarette vapour include propylene glycol, acetaldehyde, vegetable glycerine and different nitrosamines. In addition, the vapour also contains the narcotic nicotine.
All other chemicals are linked to the flavourings in some way. Many of these chemicals contain substances that are also present in foods and can therefore be classified as harmless. But what effect do these substances have when they are evaporated? There are no studies available on this issue, so science is still rather in the dark and the effects on long-term health are not yet known.
San Francisco's Center for Tobacco's Control Research and Education identified 9 chemicals in the vapour of e-cigarettes that can be found on the list of reproductive toxins and carcinogens. However, these substances are not contained within every liquid used for vaping. People also should know that this note is only intended to alert you to potential hazards and should not actively discourage the user from vaping. More studies are needed for further clarification.

Health & Safety

Comparing smoking and vaping, which is the safer option for the consumer?

Smoking & Safety

To limit the risks of smoking, numerous laws have been enacted to protect human health. The most common concerns were related to fires. Many people died from fires caused by cigarettes and many more suffered severe injuries. Stricter laws resulted in a decrease in incidents between 1980 and 2011.

Vaping & Safety

Regarding vaping, the risks are significantly lower. Nevertheless, incidents may occur, for example due to battery explosions in low quality equipment. This may happen either during use or when loading and transporting the evaporator.
In the meantime, equipment has been optimised and controls have been tightened to greatly reduce the risk of fire.

Vaping & Smoking: The Costs

Since the purchase of the evaporator is sometimes costly, vaping is often considered to be expensive. However, this is not entirely true. There are many statistics concerning the cost of a smoking habit.
An average smoker invests $3,120 in cigarettes annually. A vaper starter kit costs around $50. The liquids cost about $15 a week, making it a total of $720 per year. That means that steaming is far less expensive than smoking.

Smoking or Vaping?

The Public Health England published a report sponsored by the UK Department of Health which states that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. According to the report, the use of e-cigarettes in place of conventional ones is a potential approach to smoking cessation.
Although the electronic cigarette is less well-known in the USA, switching to the e-cigarette can help smokers to quit smoking, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

Vaping and the Law

Where the legal issues are concerned, there is an ongoing discussion between opponents and proponents. Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products has been banned in public areas and buildings for a long time. As far as steaming is concerned, there are sometimes big differences. One should educate oneself on the legal situation of their respective countries to avoid falling foul of these laws.
Comparing vaping and smoking, there are several points to consider. What is not yet clear are the long-term health consequences associated with vaping. This is a matter that only future research can solve.

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