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Government States: E-Cigarettes up to 95% Less Harmful than Tobacco Cigarettes

Even though the public perception of e-cigarettes has been steadily improving in recent years, the technology still has to struggle with many prejudices. Many people still think that the consumption of e-cigarettes is just as harmful as smoking conventional cigarettes.
These prejudices lead to several problems. One is that they prevent many people from switching to e-cigarettes and thus taking a big step towards leading a healthier life. At the same time, the prejudices are responsible for the fact that users of e-cigarettes have the same bad image in society as smokers. For example, the use of electronic cigarettes in public places such as restaurants or trains is still prohibited, although it would be legally allowed.
Governments are determined to eliminate these prejudices. After all, they want the population to live as healthily as possible because diseases such as lung cancer or strokes cause high costs to society. For these reasons, the English government has now taken up the fight against the prejudices against e-cigarettes. In a new study, they aim to show once and for all that electronic cigarettes are not nearly as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.

Study shows: e-cigarettes are in a completely different league

The study, which was conducted by Public Health England (PHE), clearly showed that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes. These figures are so overwhelming that there really should be no more doubts that switching to e-cigarettes offers enormous long-term benefits for human health.
Moreover, surveys conducted by the researchers of the study revealed that almost half of all smokers either think that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, or are at least not fully aware of the health benefits of electronic cigarettes.
To change this, the government, together with Public Health England, has taken steps to better educate the population about the real consequences of consuming electronic cigarettes.


Public Health England produces film demonstrating the effects of e-cigarettes

To this end, PHE has produced a film that compares the effects of smoking with those of inhaling the vapour of e-cigarettes. In the film, two of PHE's health experts, Dr Rosemary Leonard and Dr Lion Shahab, show the amounts of carcinogens that accumulate in the lungs of an average smoker in a month. At the same time, they compare the effects of consuming e-cigarettes on the lungs.
In the film, the researchers fill three glasses with wool. Three different mechanisms are connected to these glasses that continuously pump air through the glasses. One of them regularly mixes cigarette smoke into the air, the second mixes the vapour of an e-cigarette into the air, and the third pumps pure air through the glass to show what happens to the lung when neither alternative is consumed.
At the end of the experiment, the glass containing the tobacco smoke is completely brown. Both the wool and the glass, and even the rubber tube from which the smoke was pumped into the glass, are coloured brown by the tar of the cigarette smoke.
In comparison, the glass with the e-cigarette vapor is almost unchanged. The cotton has a very slight discoloration caused by the colouring of the e-liquid. No change can be seen on the glass or tube, just like on the glass with pure air, which is completely unchanged.
Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at PHE, emphasized how clearly this visual demonstration demonstrates the effects of the two alternatives. Together with the results of the study, which suggest that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful, there should be no doubt about the vast differences between regular and electronic cigarettes.



Measures like the one described above are a great way to put an end to the prejudices against e-cigarettes. Since we cannot see what happens in our lungs when we smoke or use e-cigarettes, visual demonstrations may be the best way to show people clearly how big the differences between the two alternatives really are.
Hopefully, the prejudices against electronic cigarettes will be eliminated as soon as possible. Only then will the millions of smokers who do not switch to e-cigarettes because of the prejudices get a better chance of leading a healthier life in the long run.

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