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British Study Confirms: Vaping is Healthier than Smoking

The discussion about whether vaping is healthier than smoking is very controversial, with the general consensus suggesting that it is, but with critics in Germany warning against potential risks associated with electronic cigarettes.
A quarter of the smokers say that they did not want to try vaping because, in their opinion, it’s just as harmful as traditional cigarettes. A Yorkshire Cancer Research study surveyed 844 smokers and 1,156 former smokers and found that many were suspicious of electronic cigarettes.
The study also noted that the average smoker had been smoking for 22 years and had unsuccessfully tried to quit four times. The reasons for this repeat failure were many and included stress, peer pressure, and lack of support.
The National Health Service recommends that smokers seek help from a smoking cessation service, which can increase their chances by 400%, but 44% of smokers said they preferred just to go it alone, often opting for the “cold turkey” method.
It was also found that one out of ten former smokers managed to stop smoking by vaping, saving an average of £337.80 a year as a result.

Why do many want to quit smoking?

The participants also discussed what caused them to quit smoking. 43% said that smoking was too pricy, and they wanted to quit for financial reasons. 30% were concerned about their health and they wanted to change their lifestyle.
For 23%, a key motivation was pressure by friends and family, while 20% had become parents or grandparents and wanted to set a good example. The death of a family member or a close friend was the trigger for 16% of the respondents.

Yorkshire Cancer Research confirms: Vaping is less harmful than smoking

Dr. Kathryn Scott, the head researcher in the aforementioned study, said that the electronic cigarette was an excellent way to quit smoking, adding that vaping was 95% less harmful. However, less than half of all smokers are actually aware of this fact.
Every person is different, but Scott recommends acquiring additional support as part of a smoking cessation program.

In Germany, however, experts are currently divided over the matter of the benefits of e-cigarettes. The German Cancer Aid and the German Medical Association commented critically on vaping and emphasize that the consumption of the e-cigarette was also critical.

Vaping is a viable alternative

In Germany alone, around 10 million people want to quit smoking. However, only 3 out of every 100 smokers are actually able to cease smoking permanently, with many relapsing at some point.
There are plenty of things that can tackle nicotine addiction, including nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and certain hypnosis techniques. But can these really help, or could the e-cigarette be the only viable alternative?
It is helpful to first realize the difference between smoking and vaping, which all boils down to the way the product is heated. An electronic cigarette works with an evaporator, which heats the liquid and turns it into a vapor.
There is no burning process like there is with a cigarette, and since no combustion takes place, fewer pollutants are released. However, critics note that they still contain nicotine, which is a poison that causes physical and mental addiction.
The facts cannot be ignored: By burning a conventional cigarette, 4,800 pollutants, including tar, ammonia and benzene, are produced. All of these enter the body. But with vaporization, only nicotine and excipients are inhaled
Peter Hajek, who works as a clinical psychologist at Queen Mary University of London, said that vaping is a safe alternative and a great way to become smoke-free. He warns against the misinterpretation of evidence used to warn smokers against e-cigarettes, seeing it as a wasted opportunity to save lives.
Whether vaping is a viable alternative to smoking or not is up to the individuals who want to stop smoking. The e-cigarette has already helped many smokers in this transition, but ultimately success is dependent on the will and self-discipline of the smoker.

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