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Vaping Finally Proven to Be a Much Healthier Alternative to cigarettes

It has already been more than ten years since the first e-cigarettes appeared on the market. A lot has happened during this time. Shortly after the new technology was released, the first reports were published to warn people about the dangers of e-cigarettes for their health. According to these reports, the liquids contained dangerous toxins that were even more harmful than regular tobacco cigarettes. Other reports talked about the dangers of exploding devices or similar horror stories. In short, e-cigarettes were not presented in a particularly good light at the beginning.
The interesting thing about these reports is that none of them were based on even the slightest bit of actual science. After all, there were no studies on the long-term effects of the use of electronic cigarettes at the time. Likewise, the stories about exploding e-cigarettes were not much more than scaremongering. In the few cases that circulated through videos on the internet, users had either modified their devices or used the wrong chargers. The risk of an e-cigarette battery exploding is no greater than that of cell phones or other devices that use lithium-ion batteries.
However, in contrast to all these irrelevant reports, we now have the results of several studies that have been conducted by established scientists and institutions. Almost without exception, these studies showed positive results. For example, a report published in 2017 proved that electronic cigarettes are not nearly as harmful to human health as normal cigarettes.

Study proves: levels of various toxins are significantly lower in vapers than in smokers

The study was conducted by University College London and examined three groups of participants (all smokers) over a period of more than 6 months. The study was conducted by University College London and examined three groups of participants (all smokers) over a period of more than 6 months. The first group used nicotine patches, chewing gum or similar aids to combat their addiction. The second group used e-cigarettes, while the third group continued to smoke and used e-cigarettes and other aids at the same time.
The results of the study are astonishing: after only 6 months, the participants in the group with e-cigarettes had up to 97% lower levels of the toxin NNAL in their system. NNAL is a toxic chemical compound that plays a major role in the development of cancer cells in the human body.
Alison Cox, head of cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK, said about the findings that cancer accounts for about one third of smoking-related deaths in the UK. The use of e-cigarettes could therefore save millions of lives in the long run.

Only quitting smoking completely can really reduce the risk

The second important finding of the study is that even occasional smokers still have a relatively high cancer risk. Only those who completely abstain from smoking cigarettes can significantly accelerate the reduction of carcinogenic substances such as NNAL.
According to Professor Kevin Fenton, national director for health and well-being at Public Health England, the study provides further evidence of the importance of e-cigarettes in tackling the enormous health problems associated with smoking. The best thing that smokers can do for themselves and their fellow human beings, he says, is to stop smoking immediately and forever. E-cigarettes are already the most popular method for quitting, and together with stop-smoking services, they offer by far the most effective way to quit.
A spokesman for the UK Vaping Industry Association stressed how popular the devices have become in the UK in recent years. Today, more than 3 million people use e-cigarettes in the UK alone. He therefore calls on governments to recognise this huge opportunity for public health and to encourage more smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Further studies required to finally dispel doubts in society

In the end, only concrete results from scientific studies will ensure that society finally recognizes the true advantages of e-cigarettes. Many other technologies, such as microwave ovens, have faced similar preconceptions. Just like this technology, it will probably take a long time for e-cigarettes to be fully accepted.
Unlike the microwave however, the spread of e-cigarettes is a matter of life and death. The sooner more smokers switch over to electronic cigarettes, the sooner millions of lives that are lost every year as a result of smoking can be saved.

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