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Looking to Quit Cigarettes Once and for All? E-Cigarettes Might Be Your Best Bet

Let’s face it: most smokers have probably thought about finally kicking their bad habit at some point. With all the negative aspects associated with smoking, it is no wonder. Yes, smoking a cigarette may feel or taste good (at least sometimes). But at the same time, smoking is becoming more expensive by the day, it harms our health and it also often turns us into social outsiders. The times when you were able to smoke in bars or restaurants are long gone.
However, anyone who has ever made a serious attempt to finally stop smoking knows that it is far from easy. The first few weeks will leave you moody, stressed and almost constantly feeling the urge to smoke. Not to mention the almost inevitable weight gain. And even if you really manage to go for a few weeks or months without a cigarette, you're still in constant danger of a relapse. Even one cigarette during an evening with friends has turned many non-smokers into smokers again.
So quitting smoking is really hard - but maybe it doesn't have to be anymore today. For some years now, there has been a new aid in the form of e-cigarettes. And in contrast to nicotine patches or chewing gum, it not only satisfies the physical addiction to nicotine, but also the mental desire to drag on a cigarette and inhale the smoke. Or in this case at least the vapour.

New study confirms how effective e-cigarettes are as a cessation aid

A new study by The New England Journal of Medicine recently confirmed how effective e-cigarettes can be as an aid to stop smoking. The study observed nearly 900 smokers who were finally trying to overcome their addiction. They were randomly divided into two groups.
The first group was treated with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This primarily included the use of nicotine patches in combination with short-term aids such as chewing gum, inhalers or mouth spray.
The other group received a refillable e-cigarette and several bottles of e-liquid. In addition, they were taught how to use the devices. The members of this group were then encouraged to buy more liquids in their desired strength. In addition, both groups received personal support in face-to-face meetings during the first four weeks of the study.

The results of the study

During the initial phase of the study, the participants of both groups used their assigned tools almost on a daily basis. After a while, however, a strong trend became apparent between the groups. Of the participants who smoked again after one year, about 4 out of 10 people in the group that received e-cigarette were still using the devices, while only about 4 out of a 100 people in group 2 still used their cessation aids. Among those who were still smoke-free after one year, 80 percent still used the e-cigarettes and only 9 percent used the other aids.
Of those participants who still smoked after one year, at least some managed to reduce their smoking by around 50 percent. Among e-cigarette users, this number was almost twice as high as among the other group (13 percent vs. 7 percent).
The results of the study are therefore extremely encouraging. The use of e-cigarettes helped significantly more participants to finally quit smoking. However, there is also a small problem here: after all, most of these people still used the devices after a year. The e-cigarette is therefore only really useful as a cessation aid if the technology is actually safer for your health than normal cigarettes.

The health consequences of using e-cigarettes are becoming more and more known 

Since the technology has been available on the market for quite some time now, we already have countless results from studies on its effects on human health. One study in the past suggested that the use of e-cigarettes is only about 5 percent as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Moreover, a new study found almost no health risks for participants who had been using e-cigarettes for more than 2 years.
This clearly shows that e-cigarettes are much better for your health than normal cigarettes. Although it is still best to avoid both of them, the new technology offers smokers an effective and healthier alternative.

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