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New Study Shows Smokers that Switch to E-Cigarettes Are More Likely to Stay Smoke-Free

It’s 2019, and one thing hasn’t changed: many smokers still wish they could finally give up their bad habit once and for all. The always rising costs, the hassle of the addiction, and of course the dangers to human health – there is no shortage of reasons to stop smoking.
But as most smokers will know only too well, quitting is anything but easy. First of all, there is the physical addiction to nicotine. It is much stronger than most people would expect. According to some experts, the addiction to nicotine is as strong as the addiction to hard drugs like heroin or cocaine.
But even if you satisfy the need for nicotine - for instance through chewing gum or patches with nicotine - you still have a psychological addiction to smoking that cigarette. Depending on the person, it can be almost as hard to beat as the physical addiction. Long-term smokers in particular have developed psychological connections over time that cannot be broken so easily. Examples for these connections are the cigarette with coffee or after a meal.
Quitting smoking is therefore not only difficult, but almost impossible - or is it not? For a few years now, smokers have finally had access to a new technology that makes it relatively easy for them to escape their addiction. Since the e-cigarette was introduced, there have been countless reports from people who were finally able to quit smoking with the help of the vapour-based alternative.

Advantages of e-cigarettes

The great thing is that many former smokers reported how easy it was for them to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes. Many people did not experience any serious withdrawal symptoms. The reason for this is that the e-cigarette not only satisfies the nicotine addiction, but also the mental craving for a cigarette.
In addition, e-cigarettes are relatively cheap compared to other aids. Once you have bought the device, you only have to buy liquids and new vaporizers, both of which are very cheap to buy. Even those who vape regularly shouldn't spend more than 10 to 20 pounds per month.

Study shows: vapers have a lower risk of starting smoking again

In addition to the known advantages of e-cigarettes, a new study from Sheffield Hallam University now revealed more promising findings. The study examines the benefits and risks of e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking. The study is funded by Heart Research UK, who are interested in the effects of the use of e-cigarettes on the cardiovascular system.
The study is monitoring former smokers over a period of 6 months after switching from normal to electronic cigarettes. The participants are divided into 3 groups: One group receives e-cigarettes with nicotine, the second group receives nicotine-free e-cigarettes and the third group receives support through nicotine replacement therapy from a facility in Sheffield to help smokers quit.
All participants also receive the same form of therapy to help them quit. This is to ensure that the difference was really only achieved through the use of e-cigarettes.
The first findings of the study show that people from one of the groups with e-cigarettes are much less likely to start smoking again. After the study is finished, the researchers will examine the participants more closely. The groups will be divided into successful and unsuccessful participants in order to find the reasons why only some of them were able to overcome their addiction. 

But are e-cigarettes actually healthier?

A common prejudice against e-cigarettes is that they are just as unhealthy as normal tobacco cigarettes. However, these prejudices have already been almost completely refuted by several long-term studies. For example, Public Health England has reported that electronic cigarettes are about 95% less harmful to human health.
Even if truly long-term studies are still lacking, it is already safe to say that e-cigarettes are a far "healthier" alternative to normal cigarettes. Of course, the goal when stopping should always be to use the new technology as a temporary help and then stop using e-cigarettes as well. However, even if a person vapes for a lifetime, it is likely to be much better than smoking cigarettes for the same period. 

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