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The Social Benefits of the E-cigarette

The benefits and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes is a controversial issue, both with medical experts and consumers. There are numerous prejudices and also a lot of false information circulating on the Internet.
However, despite the conflicting opinions that the different sides put forward, it cannot be disputed that e-cigarettes have many advantages—from cosmetic effects to health benefits—when compared with tobacco cigarettes.
The benefits of the e-cigarette are as follows:

1. Vaping is Better for the Environment

It is well-known that smoking tobacco cigarettes is not only harmful to the smoker and their immediate surroundings, but also to the environment. It is not just the harmful smoke, but also the cigarette butts. According to studies, billions of smokers worldwide produce 4.5 trillion butts each year, all of which are released into the environment. That equals a mountain of 750,000 tons, a scary statistic when you consider that the harmful substances which remain in the butts are classified as hazardous waste.
In addition, tobacco has to be grown, and 200,000 hectares of forest fall victim to its production every year. Since the plant is usually cultivated in developing countries, environmental protection standards are rarely respected.
If all smokers switched to electronic cigarettes, the above-mentioned problems and effects on the environment would no longer be an issue.

2. Possibility of Socialization

In the meantime, numerous communities on the Internet have joined forces to exchange ideas, and to meet-up in real life. For many it has even become a hobby or a passion, because there are so many aspects that can be discussed, e.g., the production of liquids, experience with steaming, and instructions to develop evaporators at home.

3. Vaping Supports Smoking Cessation

It is very difficult to stop smoking. Many smokers have tried in vain to quit their habit, using everything from chewing gum to nicotine patches. The reason this rarely works has to do with the lack of haptic experience—the smoker wants to have something in their hands, something that will allow them to inhale and exhale smoke.
The e-cigarette is an excellent solution for this issue, and as a result numerous smokers have now managed to get rid of tobacco cigarettes completely or to reduce their consumption.
The advantage is the fact that the nicotine content can be regulated and thus lowered. There are also steamers who abstain from the addition of nicotine completely. Another advantage is that the e-cigarette does not produce dangerous byproducts such as tar.

4. Cosmetic Benefits of the E-cigarette

Another benefit of the electronic cigarette is the fact that it leaves no unpleasant odor. This is one of the reasons why many people have banned traditional cigarettes from apartments and rented accommodation.
This problem is completely eliminated by the e-cigarette. In fact, many non-smokers describe the smell of steam as pleasant. There are various flavors with the smell of vanilla, strawberry, woodruff, chocolate etc. This variety of products is another great advantage for the steamer.
Yellowed wallpaper and curtains are also a thing of the past. Likewise, there are no full ashtrays anymore and foul-smelling clothing is no longer a problem.

5. Consuming E-cigarettes Eliminates Passive Smoking

The smoking of tobacco cigarettes is a nuisance to non-smokers and also very dangerous. Smoking is not only unpleasant but can also harm your health. The smoke alone contains more than 7,000 chemicals, several hundred of which are toxic while 70 can cause cancer.
According to the Surgeon General Report, 2.5 million non-smokers have died as a result of passive smoking since 1964. Pregnant women and children are particularly affected by the passive inhalation of cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke can cause asthma, respiratory infections and even sudden infant death syndrome. Strokes, heart diseases and lung cancer can also cause issues for adults.
These risks are greatly reduced by switching to e-cigarettes. So, while steaming is not a complete solution, it can reduce serious health, cosmetic and social problems.

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