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Benefits and Disadvantages of E-cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is becoming increasingly popular. Smokers have used nicotine patches, hypnosis and chewing gum to try and quit for years, but it’s usually in vain. Vaping, however, could be the solution they have been looking for.
The e-cigarette offers a number of advantages to consumers, but it also has some disadvantages. It’s those pros and cons that we will take a look at here.



E-cigarette liquids may contain nicotine, but not in combination with dangerous substances such as tar and other carcinogenic compounds that are produced by burning tobacco. After all, nicotine does not cause cancer.

Evaporation is Possible without Nicotine

E-liquids are available with or without nicotine. The consumer can buy liquids with different nicotine strengths. There are products with 16 mg, but also ones with only 3 mg, thus allowing the user to gradually reduce the strength. Many former smokers have managed to reduce their nicotine consumption to zero by using liquids without nicotine.

British Study Proves: E-cigarettes are Much Less Harmful

A study carried out in the UK has shown that e-cigarette vapor releases far fewer pollutants than a traditional tobacco cigarette. One reason for that is a lower temperature. While tobacco is heated to several hundred degrees when burned, the combustion of an e-liquid reaches a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius at most.

Many “Switchers” Feel Healthier

Of course, the best solution is to stop smoking altogether, but very few people are able to do this and steaming does not suit everyone. On the other hand, however, smokers who switch report feeling fitter and healthier after switching to vaping. Increased endurance in sports is also a factor.

E-cigarettes are Cheaper

Anyone who consumes tobacco cigarettes on a regular basis knows how high the expenses can be. Compared to the cost of cigarettes, the expenses for liquids and vaporizers are significantly less. The purchase of the battery and the evaporator is expensive, at least in the beginning, but there are now cheap entry-level models on the market. Cheap devices are available for an initial budget of €20. As far as the liquids are concerned, the costs amount to €40 per month. These expenses can be reduced further if the consumer mixes their liquids themselves, the ingredients for which they can purchase online at reputable vendors.

E-cigarettes are Cleaner

Smokers know: full ashtrays look unappetizing and spread an unpleasant odor. Smoke from a tobacco cigarette leaves unsightly yellowish deposits on wallpaper and curtains. With steaming these problems are a thing of the past. In addition, the change to steaming has another positive effect: No unpleasant nicotine smell sticks to clothes and hair and the harmful yellowish plaque disappears, which also greatly reduces the risk of dental disease. The aesthetic improvement is clearly visible.


No Long-term Studies Available

Since the e-cigarette is still a fairly new product, there have been no studies performed over a longer period. Therefore, it is not yet known whether steaming causes long-term health damage.

Teenagers Can be Tempted to Consume Nicotine

Critics believe that steaming is drawing more young people into nicotine addiction, acting as a gateway habit of sorts. The devices sometimes look pretty stylish and chic, and the liquids have appealing tastes like strawberry, woodruff and toffee. This fact alone could attract young people.
On the other hand, these products are not legally allowed to be sold to people under the age of 18. The same laws that apply to cigarettes also apply to both evaporators and liquids. There is also no evidence to suggest that steamers switch to tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes are not Regulated

Another disadvantage of these products is that they are not regulated, at least not yet. There are no quality controls of the type that exist for tobacco cigarettes. However, the first steps towards such regulation have already been taken and this may be a non-issue in the near future.
As mentioned above, the sale of the products to young people is prohibited. Furthermore, there are products available on the Internet which can be classified as dubious. Evaporators of inferior quality can lead to explosions causing serious injuries.



There is still no final and definite proof whether electronic cigarettes are harmful or not. Long-term studies have to be undertaken before we can know for sure. However, many smokers have managed to break free from their addictions due to the e-cigarette, and that’s a benefit that can’t be overlooked.

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