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Study Reveals: Young Vapers Don't Switch to Tobacco Later On

There has been a lot of criticism of e-cigarettes in recent years. In most cases, it has been the result of an assumption that e-cigarettes are dangerous to human health, which is based on a few reports that appeared shortly after this technology hit the market.
The health benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes have been confirmed by various studies, but this technology is now facing a new form of criticism, with suggestions that it poses a threat to teenagers. According to new reports, many teenagers begin vaping and then later make the switch to normal cigarettes.
But is there any truth to these claims or are they merely opinions formed through dubious online articles (as was the case with the rumours about the dangers of e-cigarettes)? This is the question we’ll answer today, because the sooner rumours like this are addressed, the sooner millions of smokers in the UK can kick their addiction.

What’s behind the new claims against e-cigarettes?

The new controversy surrounding e-cigarettes began after statistics emerged suggesting vaping devices were popular with teenagers. In countries like the US, they are already more popular than normal cigarettes.
Many people now suspect that teenagers use these devices because they view them as harmless. They start vaping without thinking about the dangers to their health and eventually, according to these reports, they switch to normal cigarettes.

Study reveals: while teenagers are using e-cigarettes, they don’t become smokers later on

A recent study by Georgetown University Medical Center revealed some interesting facts about the controversy surrounding e-cigarettes. According to the study, regular cigarettes were almost three times more popular than e-cigarettes among teenagers in 2013. By 2015, these numbers were flipped. At this time, around 2.39 million young adults had vaped in the past year, compared with 1.37 million who had smoked regular cigarettes. By 2016, 1.7 million young adults in the US stated that they had used e-cigarettes in the previous month.  
The study confirmed that many young adults have made the switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes since 2013. At the same time, the number of young smokers has declined significantly. According to the experts at Georgetown University Medical Center, it’s obvious that e-cigarettes don’t turn young people into smokers, otherwise the share of young smokers wouldn’t have declined the way it has. 

The reality: e-cigarettes stop young adults from smoking

This study should prove once and for all that e-cigarettes don’t turn large numbers of young adults into smokers. In fact, the opposite is true. While there have always been young adults who smoke, many of them are now switching to electronic cigarettes. The share of young adults who start vaping and then later become smokers should be extremely small.
Together with promising results from various studies, which have confirmed the fact that e-cigarettes are much less harmful to human health, we should embrace this new technology. Even though vaping isn’t healthy and the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes haven’t been established, it is almost a certainty that making the switch from regular cigarettes will greatly reduce the risk of smoking-related diseases. If all young smokers made the switch to e-cigarettes, millions of lives would be saved in the long run.
Nonetheless, e-cigarettes remain an extremely controversial technology. It seems that many people are fundamentally against this technology, no matter how many new studies prove its advantages. There are even rumours that the tobacco lobby in the US is spreading negative reports to stop smokers from quitting their products. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to prove whether this is true, but there has been one interesting development: Phillip Morris is now selling e-cigarettes, albeit with a slightly different technology. Instead of vaporising a liquid made of different chemicals, their devices turn actual tobacco into vapour. And they openly admit that their new electronic devices are much less harmful to human health than their previous products.

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