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Quit Smoking Easily By Reducing The Nicotine Content Of Cigarettes

Most smokers know exactly how detrimental their habit is to their health, but they are just not able to stop it. Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how difficult it is.

First of all, there is the psychological factor. After years of smoking, you get used to smoking a cigarette at certain times and on certain occasions. The social element is also of great importance, because if your circle of friends continues to smoke then you’re forever surrounded by temptation. In these moments, it can be very difficult to stay strong and say no. If you combine this with drinking alcohol, your willpower can disappear in seconds.

The biggest problem, without a doubt, is the physical dependence, but this may be a thing of the past. Researchers may have found a relatively simple way to eliminate the physical dependence of smoking. By reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes, their addictive potential could also decrease.

This is the result of a study examining the effects of nicotine reduction on smokers. But is it really that easy? After all, people have been trying to quit smoking for a very long time. Can it really be true that scientists have discovered such a simple and logical method?

Let’s get to the bottom of this question.


What Is This Theory About?

The study in question examined the effects of reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes on regular smokers. The examined group consisted of so-called "exposed" smokers, women living in poverty and people with mental health issues. The results have been very promising: Researchers saw an improvement in the addictive behavior of the examined persons.

Since nicotine is the main reason cigarettes cause physical dependence, this seems only logical. Therefore, reducing the nicotine content must inevitably lead to an improvement in addictive behavior.

Problems Regarding This Study

There are some problems with the practical implementation of the proposed solution. The nicotine content of cigarettes cannot be reduced that easily. After all, cigarettes are produced by companies that benefit enormously from the addictive potential of their products. Therefore, it is unlikely that tobacco companies like Philip Morris will voluntarily reduce the nicotine in their cigarettes.

Legal requirements seem to be the only realistic solution. In fact, the US Food and Drugs Administration recently began a process of enacting new legislation on the nicotine content of tobacco products. In only a few years, stricter requirements for tobacco companies could apply.

Obviously, this doesn’t provide help to current smokers at all. Anyone who wants to quit smoking today either needs an iron will or has to look for alternative solutions.

Alternative Solutions

The easiest way to quit smoking at the moment is to use electronic cigarettes. These devices not only provide a less detrimental alternative to conventional cigarettes, but can also bypass the psychological component of addiction.

Based on this study, it’s also worth mentioning that e-cigarettes offer the opportunity for the consumer to decide for himself how high the nicotine content should be. There are products by FairSmoke with a nicotine content of 19 mg, 11 mg and 0 mg. In that way, strong smokers can easily reduce the nicotine content incrementally and avoid extreme withdrawal symptoms.

Even though many people remain suspicious of electronic cigarettes, these concerns could be completely eliminated. Several studies have examined the long-term effects of e-cigarettes and found that these products are not nearly as detrimental to health as regular tobacco products.

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