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Should Bars, Trains And Public Places Reconsider The Ban On E-Cigarettes?

Since the invention of the e-cigarette, this technology has spread all over the world. Almost every country is now steaming, and quite a few smokers have stopped smoking regular cigarettes in favor of this electronic alternative.

From a legal point of view, new technologies like these always raise some interesting questions. Since smoking is prohibited in public places in many federal states, it had to be decided whether electronic cigarettes should also fall under the same prohibition. The result is that e-cigarettes can generally be consumed in public places as they do not produce smoke.

But despite this legal standpoint, there are some issues. All owners of public and private facilities, such as bars, restaurants and even public transport, can decide themselves whether to allow the consumption of e-cigarettes or not. And most of them quickly opted for a ban, largely because of the erroneous assumption that steaming was "just as harmful to health" as regular cigarettes.

Today we will take a look at this issue and discuss whether bars, trains and public places should reconsider the ban on e-cigarettes. After all, electronic cigarettes are an integral part of modern culture, and this is not going to change anytime soon.


Where Are E-Cigarettes Still Prohibited?

Although e-cigarettes may legally be consumed almost everywhere, there are many exceptions to this rule. Many bars, restaurants and other private institutions have introduced a ban on e-cigarettes. Most of the owners and operators argued that electronic cigarettes were just as detrimental as traditional tobacco cigarettes, and that passive steam could harm other patrons.

The railroad companies also banned steaming on all trains and on all platforms as it is displayed in their rules of conduct: "Welcome to our station! We want all our guests to feel comfortable with us. For this reason, the following rules must be observed in our stations and on our forecourts: Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes outside the designated smoking areas are prohibited."

Steamers are being treated in the same way as regular smokers. The question is whether these prohibitions are reasonable or whether they are unfair.

Are E-Cigarettes Really As Detrimental As Regular Cigarettes?

This question can be answered with a very clear "No". Numerous studies have been conducted in recent years and have arrived at the same conclusion: The consumption of e-cigarettes is not nearly as dangerous as conventional smoking. The results even indicate that long-term steaming causes minimal physical damage.

Even more pointless are the concerns about "passive steaming". In fact, electronic cigarettes only produce water steam, thus there is no danger for those in the vicinity. Any non-smoker who has ever stood next to a regular smoker and next to a steamer will be able to confirm that the steam of e-cigarettes is not nearly as invasive as the smoke of tobacco cigarettes.

Steaming is not only less detrimental, but also a lot cheaper. Steamers are not only protecting their lungs, but also their wallets.


The ban on e-cigarettes in many locations may sound harmless, but it has a decisive effect on many steamers: It makes them equal to regular smokers, causing many of them to switch back to regular cigarettes.

Many doctors and even politicians understand that e-cigarettes can save millions of lives in the long term. However, this only will be possible if the technology is fully accepted in our society. Prejudices and unreasonable prohibitions, which are mainly based on half-truths and unproven assumptions, are extremely obstructive to the e-cigarette movement and therefore even could cost lives in the long term.

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