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E-cigarettes in your luggage - what you should pay attention to when traveling

E-cigarettes in the luggage - what must be considered when taking along in the aircraft?

Passionate vaper and those who want to be, often ask themselves the question: What should I pay attention to when I want to take my e-cigarette with me in my luggage while traveling by airpplan? In the following guidebook you will learn everything about the current legal situation in order to avoid nasty surprises at the airline.

Traveling with e-cigarette: important tips and hints

In international aviation there is a total ban on smoking - and this applies to both conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. But: You are allowed to carry your e-cigarettes and their accessories as long as you follow the strict rules of the ICAO (International Aviation Organization).

For example, e-cigarettes may only be transported in hand luggage or directly on the body, but not in the checked in luggage. This has mainly fire protection reasons, because in the past, e-cigarettes - especially cheap brands without switch-on - in the luggage compartment repeatedly caused fires. If the e-cigarettes are in the hand luggage, however, heat and smoke are detected faster, so that is an immediate intervention is possible. In addition, those responsible point out that even the particular pressure conditions on board an aircraft can cause an e-cigarette to catch fire. Also charging the battery of the e-cigarette is prohibited on many airlines. Why, is unclear, because finally smartphones and computers may be charged on board.

Can I smoke my e-cigarettes at the airport?

At airports, you may smoke your e-cigarettes only in the marked areas. Above all, if you are traveling abroad, you should first study the legal situation on the ground, because sometimes threaten high fines, if you ignore the rules - knowingly or accidentally -. In many countries, smoking and steaming is strictly prohibited not only in restaurants and public buildings, but also in public places and many other places. The better you are informed before you travel, the lower the risk that you will have problems traveling with e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette in the luggage: And what about the liquids?

When carrying your liquids in your luggage, you must also follow certain rules that apply to all liquids. For example, liquids may only be transported in a transparent bag, with each bag containing a maximum of 100 milliliters of liquid. Overall, the amount of liquid is limited to a maximum of one liter. Again, please inform yourself before your trip about maximum import volumes and other important customs regulations!

Here is a summary of the topic "E-cigarette in the luggage":

  • Always store your e-cigarette and accessories in your hand luggage
  • Transporting liquids in transparent bag
  • Only transport a maximum of 100 milliliters of liquid per bag (as a FairSmoke consumer, you do not have to worry about this with our closed-system filter solution)
  • A maximum of one liter of liquid per person (equivalent to approx. x packs of FairSmoke filters)

What are the advantages of traveling with e-cigarettes?

Even if you are subject to strict rules when traveling with e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes still offer you many advantages over normal cigarettes. On the one hand, you benefit from a very appealing, authentic design. For example, in the FairSmoke online store you will find our FairSmoke ONE in different colours, so that there is something suitable for your personal style. Your fellow passengers are also happy when you reach for the e-cigarette instead of the conventional cigarette, because only a very small amount of steam is produced. This smells not as penetrating as normal cigarette smoke - on the contrary: many feel the steam of an e-cigarette as very pleasant.

Conclusion: With the e-cigarette in the luggage around the world

Even when traveling by airplane, nobody has to give up their e-cigarette, because e-cigarettes and also the necessary accessories such as liquids and rechargeable batteries may be carried in hand luggage. Although you can not steam on board, but at most airports there are designated areas where you can safely grab the e-cigarette. No matter where your e-cigarette goes - FairSmoke wishes you a pleasant journey!

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