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Vape and Keep Your Teeth White with FairSmoke

Do you also miss your sparkly, white teeth? Quit the tobacco-based cigarettes and start vaping with FairSmoke e-cigarettes now! It is better for your teeth and it is better for you.

FairSmoke e-cigarettes are better for you and better for your teeth. Then you ask why? We will tell you now. In tobacco-based cigarettes, there is both nicotine and tar. Many would think that it is the nicotine that makes your teeth dull and yellowish. But that is only the partial truth. Nicotine is the toxin that causes the miscolouring of your teeth, but only when it is burning with another toxin called tar. Tar and nicotine are both present in tobacco-based cigarettes, which is why you get the odd and yellow stains on your teeth. The good news is that there is no tar in FairSmoke e-cigarettes, so you can enjoy your nicotine without the worry of your teeth changing colour.

Tobacco-based cigarettes
It is an old tale that tobacco-based cigarettes are harmful for your health, we all know that by now. But there is a direct link between smoking tobacco-based cigarettes and bad dental health. Tobacco-based cigarettes contains tar, which seems to be what makes your teeth turn the brown-yellowish colour. Therefore, we suggest you switch to FairSmoke and our e-cigarette, so you can get a healthier you and avoid the brown teeth.

Start your healthier self without yellow teeth and order your starter kit today! Our Stater kit provides you with all the necessary e-cigarette parts to get started. Such as USB-charger, Battery and 5 x refills.

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Vaping and FairSmoke
It is proven that there are some beneficial factors by vaping in order to keep your teeth nice and white compared to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. As studies has shown that vapers have better dental hygiene than tobacco-based cigarette smokers. The study shows that there are beneficial points, when switching from tobacco-based cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In FairSmoke e-cigarette e-liquid there is no tar, which suggest that your teeth will not change colour when vaping.

Try out your favourite e-liquid and stop smoking with FairSmoke e-cigarettes today!

Look after your teeth when vaping
There are some points to keep in mind when vaping and using your FairSmoke e-cigarette.

Stay hydrated: it is important to stay hydrated and the e-liquid in your FairSmoke e-cigarette tends to be related with dehydration. Therefore, remember to hydrate yourself with plenty of fluid, when using your FairSmoke e-cigarettes, no matter of the nicotine level in the e-liquid refills.

Pay extra attention and keep brushing: keep taking care of your teeth and remember to brush them as well. That will higher the level of dental hygiene for vapers as well as non-vapers.

By switching your tobacco-based cigarettes with a FairSmoke e-cigarette, it will increase the overall level of dental hygiene. Thereby you can prevent your teeth turning into a brown-yellow colour and they can be white and sparkling at all times. Though you have to remember to take good care of them by brushing your teeth and stay hydrated. Then you are good to go with your FairSmoke e-cigarette.

Do you want to change out tobacco-based cigarettes out with FairSmoke e-cigarettes now?

Get inspiration from other people who already succeed at quitting smoking with FairSmoke e-cigarettes.

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Do you want to get started?

Feel free to contact us either by email ( or telephone our support team on 03300 270 911. Lines are open Monday - Friday 08:00-11:00 & 12:30-15:00.

FairSmoke e-cigarettes – a better life without tobacco

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