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Vape and Keep Your Teeth White with FairSmoke

Do you also miss your sparkly, white teeth? Quit the tobacco-based cigarettes and start vaping with FairSmoke e-cigarettes now! It is better for your teeth and it is better for you.

FairSmoke e-cigarettes are better for you and better for your teeth. Then you ask why? We will tell you now. In tobacco-based cigarettes, there is both nicotine and tar. Many would think that it is the nicotine that makes your teeth dull and yellowish. But that is only the partial truth. Nicotine is the toxin that causes the miscolouring of your teeth, but only when it is burning with another toxin called tar. Tar and nicotine are both present in tobacco-based cigarettes, which is why you get the odd and yellow stains on your teeth. The good news is that there is no tar in FairSmoke e-cigarettes, so you can enjoy your nicotine without the worry of your teeth changing colour.

Tobacco-based cigarettes
It is an old tale that tobacco-based cigarettes are harmful for your health, we all know that by now. But there is a direct link between smoking tobacco-based cigarettes and bad dental health. Tobacco-based cigarettes contains tar, which seems to be what makes your teeth turn the brown-yellowish colour. Therefore, we suggest you switch to FairSmoke and our e-cigarette, so you can get a healthier you and avoid the brown teeth.

Start your healthier self without yellow teeth and order your starter kit today! Our Stater kit provides you with all the necessary e-cigarette parts to get started. Such as USB-charger, Battery and 5 x refills.

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Vaping and FairSmoke
It is proven that there are some beneficial factors by vaping in order to keep your teeth nice and white compared to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. As studies has shown that vapers have better dental hygiene than tobacco-based cigarette smokers. The study shows that there are beneficial points, when switching from tobacco-based cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In FairSmoke e-cigarette e-liquid there is no tar, which suggest that your teeth will not change colour when vaping.

Try out your favourite e-liquid and stop smoking with FairSmoke e-cigarettes today!

Look after your teeth when vaping
There are some points to keep in mind when vaping and using your FairSmoke e-cigarette.

Stay hydrated: it is important to stay hydrated and the e-liquid in your FairSmoke e-cigarette tends to be related with dehydration. Therefore, remember to hydrate yourself with plenty of fluid, when using your FairSmoke e-cigarettes, no matter of the nicotine level in the e-liquid refills.

Pay extra attention and keep brushing: keep taking care of your teeth and remember to brush them as well. That will higher the level of dental hygiene for vapers as well as non-vapers.

By switching your tobacco-based cigarettes with a FairSmoke e-cigarette, it will increase the overall level of dental hygiene. Thereby you can prevent your teeth turning into a brown-yellow colour and they can be white and sparkling at all times. Though you have to remember to take good care of them by brushing your teeth and stay hydrated. Then you are good to go with your FairSmoke e-cigarette.

Do you want to change out tobacco-based cigarettes out with FairSmoke e-cigarettes now?

Get inspiration from other people who already succeed at quitting smoking with FairSmoke e-cigarettes.

Read the success stories here and start your healthier life now.

Do you want to get started?

Feel free to contact us either by email ( or telephone our support team on 03300 270 911. Lines are open Monday - Friday 08:00-11:00 & 12:30-15:00.

FairSmoke e-cigarettes – a better life without tobacco

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FairSmoke will help you through your journey to quitting smoking. We are here to help you quit smoking, and we are more than happy to guide you in the right direction. You can find our contact information HERE. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are here to help you! Therefore we have created a quit smoking guide to help you get started. The quit smoking guide will help guide you through the small and easy steps towards a tobacco free life.
Go through the easy quit smoking steps with FairSmoke e-cigarettes HERE

Get inspiration from other people who already succeed at quitting smoking with FairSmoke e-cigarettes. We know that it can be very difficult, but not impossible. Therefore we have collected some success stories to give you the courage to start at healthier life without tobacco today. 

Get started with one of our FairSmoke e-cigarette Starter kits. Our Starter Kits contain either a FairSmoke Black Box or a FairSmoke single case, battery, USB-charger and 5 refills. 

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FairSmoke e-cigarettes - a better life without tobacco.

Do you want to feel fresh again?

Did the quick weather changes give you a cold?

Don't you worry! Feel fresh everyday with menthol refills from FairSmoke. The fresh and clearing taste of menthol will be your guard through the weather turmoil. Choose your FairSmoke with the Menthol refills and you will feel as fresh as taking a mint all day and every day.

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Quit smoking with a FairSmoke Starter Kit today, and choose the menthol flavoured refill packs and make the wait for summer even shorter.

Menthol - for those used-to-be menthol smokers craving a cool & clean sensation.

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FairSmoke e-cigarettes - a better life without tobacco

Happy Easter Everyone!

​FairSmoke wishes you a happy easter

Enjoy your easter holiday with FairSmoke e-cigarettes and choose your favourite refills filled with your preferred e-liquid flavour. 

Start your easter healthier than normal and get a 10% discount on your entire order by using the Discount Code: EASTER2018. Order Your Starter Kit before the 3rd of April 2018 and quit smoking with FairSmoke e-cigarettes. 

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FairSmoke e-cigarettes - a better life without tobacco

Fair to nature – Fair to you!

FairSmoke e-cigarettes and e-cigarette products in general are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Their popularity has grown especially in European countries such as Germany, Italy, France and United Kingdom, along with the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The growth in the e-cigarette market within the last couple of years has been tremendous, greatly due to the wide range of reasons why e-cigarettes are beneficial for everyone – both for you as a smoker and your surroundings.

The most evident reasons for the increase in popularity are health and economic benefits. There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are the healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes contain more than 5000 toxins, which are not present in FairSmoke and other electric cigarettes. The most harmful substances in a traditional cigarette are derived from the combustion of tobacco and tar. Even though nicotine can be dangerous in large amounts or in direct contact with skin or eyes, it does not cause cancer like the toxins found in traditional cigarettes do.

One of the other beneficial reasons why FairSmoke is the superior substitute to smoking traditional cigarettes is how eco-friendly it is to nature and the environment surrounding you. If you enjoy skiing, hiking or in any other way enjoy the great outdoors, remember to always bring your FairSmoke e-cigarette to avoid cigarette butts, smoke or ash, making you friendlier to your surroundings. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing or any other outdoor activity: Be fair to nature – use your FairSmoke e-cigarette and keep the slopes and tracks free of cigarette butts. The people visiting after you will benefit from it, too. Remember that FairSmoke helps you and your body to live better life without tobacco, but it is also favourable to the environment.

With FairSmoke´s easy-to-use design, combined with our convenient closed system product, you can quit smoking altogether. It has never been easier! You can find our e-cigarette starter kit HERE and begin the journey to a better life without tobacco now.

In addition to the health and environmental benefits, FairSmoke e-cigarettes are also a less expensive alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you want to save even more money with e-cigarettes, you should go have a look at our subscription packages HERE. These can be customised for the best consumer experience and price.

We are here for your support and we are more than happy to help you on your way to a healthier life without tobacco and tar. Click HERE to contact us.

Read more about quitting smoking HERE.

A sweet breeze of Liquorice in the grey weather.

Who else is tired of the cold and grey weather outside? Do you need something sweet in your life? FairSmoke has something that can sweeten up your life. Try out the Liquorice flavour refills and the taste will brighten up your day. Live your life without regrets and smoke FairSmoke with Liquorice. FairSmoke will give you a healthier life without tobacco.

Liquorice - for the smoker looking for a bold, rich, and slightly sweet experience

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FairSmoke e-cigarettes - a better life without tobacco

New products in our web shop!

New year means new beginnings! We started 2018 with a brand new FairSmoke web shop. We also have some brand new products – see a few of them below:





An adapter is a device that allows a specific type of hardware to work with another device that would otherwise be incompatible. Our FairSmoke adapter makes it possible for you to charge your FairSmoke battery in an electrical socket, by using the USB charger with the adapter.



The atomizer is a small part in an electronic cigarette used for heating the e-liquid in order to produce vapor. An atomizer head, also known as a coil head or a wick, will often be referred to by users as a burner. These are all words for the same thing, the heating element inside an e-cigarette device.


The battery is essential for using the FairSmoke device and the refills, as the battery powers the components producing the vapor. Without the battery you cannot use the FairSmoke e-cigarette. The FairSmoke battery takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge and will last for approximately 1 day by normal use.


Cigalike is a term used to describe a special kind of e-cigarettes. The cigalike models are often designed to look like a traditional cigarette and is typically a closed system product, where you use refills for vape and taste rather than re-filling the e-cigarette device with e-liquid yourself. Just like FairSmoke. Cigalike is also often referred to as cig-a-like or cig-alike.


The USB Charger is essential for your FairSmoke experience as you will need it to recharge your FairSmoke battery, when this runs out of power. The battery is fully charged within 2 hours by using the original FairSmoke Charger, which allows for you to bring it with you and instantly charge your battery when needed by plugging the USB device into a computer or by using the adapter.
You can charge your FairSmoke device over and over again and fully charged the battery lasts for approximately 1 day, dependent on form of use.

Closed system

E-cigarettes are typically divided into two groups, open system products and closed system products. What charactarizes the open system products is that the device contains a cartomizer/tank, in which you will have to refill e-liquid when the device is empty.
On an empty closed system product on the other hand, you just need to attach a new refill and you are good to go.
We have designed our FairSmoke products as a closed system device to make it easier and more convenient for our customers to use the product on the go or in busy everyday situations. 


See Atomiser. An atomizer head is also known as a coil head, or a wick, and users will often call them a burner. These are all words for the same thing, the heating element inside an e-cigarette device.


An electronic cigarette, often referred to as an e-cigarette, is a handheld electronic device that provides you with a feeling similar to that of smoking tobacco. It works by heating a liquid to generate vapour, that the user inhales. (It comes in different flavours). E-cigarettes are typically made for smokers who want to quit smoking.


Also known as liquids. In order to deliver a similar experience to smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes make use of e-liquid, to provide the taste, nicotine, and visual appearance of smoking to the smoker without the 5000+ chemicals found in cigarettes.
Your FairSmoke e-cigarette comes with refills (filters) that already contain e-liquid (the system used is called a cartomiser). With cartomisers, which is a closed system, you cannot refill the refillers with e-liquid yourself, but instead you can easily change to a new refill.

FairSmoke Box

The FairSmoke Box is a convenient box of almost the same size as a regular cigarette pack, with room for two refills and your USB charger in addition to your FairSmoke battery. The FairSmoke box comes with a FairSmoke battery and a USB charger.

FairSmoke ONE

The FairSmoke ONE is perfect to take with you in your handbag or in your pocket and it is smaller than the FairSmoke Box. With this stylish single case you can bring your FairSmoke battery and one refill with you everywhere. It comes in 9 different colours, choose the ONE that fits you best!

FairSmoke subscription

Our FairSmoke subscription service is the perfect solution for you if you want a convenient way to live a healthier life by quitting or reducing your cigarette consumption.                   
Your first package from us will contain your chosen refills and FairSmoke Box, including a battery and a USB charger. You will then continue to receive the chosen refills and a battery every 30th day. You can change your delivery interval by contacting our customer service department.


Short for Light-Emitting Diode, LED is a semiconductor that illuminates when an electrical charge passes through it.


Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic stimulant and an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants. Nicotine is proven to be addictive, however nicotine is not proven to be deadly or to be causing cancer. In FairSmoke Refill Packs you will find nicotine in the Red and Blue packages, but not in the Silver packages.


Refills, also called refillers or filters, are essential for smoking e-cigarettes using the cartomiser systems. On a closed system product like FairSmoke, you can attach the refill by screwing it onto the battery.
Besides the normal tobacco flavour, FairSmoke offers 4 other flavours. These flavours are menthol, apple, liquorice and cherry. All flavours are available in red (19 mg.), blue (11 mg.) and silver (0 mg.).
The ingredients in the refills are: nicotine (not included in the Silver packs), water, tobacco aroma, glycerin, propanediol, polyethylene glycol and triacetin

Starter Kit

A starter kit is basically everything you need to get started with using an e-cigarette. A FairSmoke Starter Kit contains either a FairSmoke Box or a FairSmoke ONE Single Case, a battery, a USB-charger and 5 refills. You can choose the starter kit in any of our flavours: tobacco, menthol, apple, liquorice or cherry.

USB Charger

The FairSmoke USB Charger is essential for you to use your FairSmoke device as it is used for charging the battery in the e-cigarette. When you order a starter kit, or sign up for our subscription, you will receive a USB Charger as well.
The USB Charger can also be found in our FairSmoke webshop here.


Vape, or vaping, means to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.


The steam produced from vaping/smoking on an e-cigarette is often referred to as vapour.


Reduced product prices and monthly savings!

  • Reduced product prices and monthly savings
  • Convenient home delivery right to your door
  • Satisfy your smoking needs & always be refill-ready
  • Automatic subscription renewal for your convenience
  • No commitment! Change your subscription at any time
Our FairSmoke subscription service is the perfect solution for you if want a convenient way to live a healthier life by quitting or reducing your cigarette consumption.

Your first package from us will contain your chosen refills and FairSmoke Box, including a battery and USB charger. You will then continue to receive the chosen refills and a battery every 30th day. Below you can see our different FairSmoke subscription packages. You can change your delivery interval by contacting our customer service department here. Does this sound appealing to you?

Create an account and order your subscription today!

This just in - FairSmoke is going green!

At FairSmoke we care deeply about the environment just as much as our customers. As a result, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, services and handling of materials in order to create the best possible experience for our customers, as well as reduce our environmental impact.

Read more about our green initiative here.

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