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Politicians Demand: Smoking Ban Shouldn’t Apply to E-Cigarettes

The e-cigarette is still among the most controversial technologies of the 21st century. Although there has been repeated evidence that the devices can be an effective help for people to stop smoking, e-cigarettes are often still viewed very critically in society.
The reason for this is persistent prejudice against the long-term health consequences of consuming e-cigarettes. However, the interesting thing is that these prejudices have already been more or less refuted by several long-term studies. Many experts suspect that e-cigarettes are up to 95 percent safer than regular tobacco cigarettes.
The controversy surrounding e-cigarettes is perfectly illustrated through the diverse legislations around the world. In countries like Germany, England or the United States, the devices can be purchased legally in stores. The consumption of e-liquids is also completely legal, both with and without nicotine content. In other countries such as Brazil, Thailand or Singapore, however, both the sale as well as the consumption is prohibited. And yet other countries like Australia currently have a ban on liquids containing nicotine, while devices and liquids without nicotine may be purchased freely.
However, even if electronic cigarettes are legal in a country, their use in public is often subject to the same restrictions as smoking normal cigarettes. Vaping is strictly prohibited in most restaurants, bars and forms of public transport. Users of e-cigarettes therefore have to go outside along with the smokers and may only use their devices in the designated smoking areas.

Politicians wish for e-cigarettes to be treated differently than tobacco cigarettes

The continuing ban on the consumption of e-cigarettes in public places has now prompted a number of politicians in England to take action. The Commons Science and Technology Committee recently pointed out that the false assumptions regarding the dangers of e-cigarettes could in the long run cost the lives of many smokers.
Since e-cigarette users are treated in the same way as smokers in public, the risk for many of them to switch back to normal cigarettes is much higher than it should be. The image of vapers in the public eye is often the exact same as that of regular smokers. Another factor that increases their risk of falling back into old habits is the constant contact to smokers when vaping in public.
As an alternative, politicians urged the owners of restaurants or other public institutions, the operators of public transport and also employers to reconsider their attitude towards the use of electronic cigarettes. With regard to public transport, for example, there could be a special compartment where electronic cigarettes may be used.

What are the reasons for the bans on e-cigarettes in public places?

The reason for the continuing bans on e-cigarettes in public places is above all a false assumption regarding the dangers of second-hand liquid vapour. According to the committee's chairman, politician Norman Lamb, the vapour from e-liquids is “unpleasant”, but not necessarily dangerous. Since not even direct inhalation of liquid vapour has shown any real dangers to human health, the dangers from inhaling passive vapour should be negligible. In addition, some of the devices are designed to produce huge clouds of vapour that look much more dangerous and dramatic than they really are.

What are the committee's proposals?

In addition to relaxing the ban on e-cigarettes in public places, the committee has a number of other proposals that it believes would improve the acceptance of the devices by the public:
Removal of the limits on nicotine levels in liquids, as they may discourage heavy smokers from using the devices.
More comprehensive licensing of e-cigarettes as medical products, so they can be used by more people as a cessation aid.
Relaxation of the sometimes very strict advertising regulations for e-cigarettes in order to highlight the health benefits associated with using the devices.
Ensuring taxation reflects the relative risk of e-cigarettes compared to normal tobacco cigarettes.According to the committee, these measures could mark a major step towards social acceptance of electronic cigarettes. The committee also said that the concerns of many other politicians about the dangers for young people are relatively unfounded. For instance, the share of e-cigarette users among young people is no higher than the share of young smokers in the past. In contrast, however, the number of underage smokers is at its lowest level for many decades.

Looking to Quit Cigarettes Once and for All? E-Cigarettes Might Be Your Best Bet

Let’s face it: most smokers have probably thought about finally kicking their bad habit at some point. With all the negative aspects associated with smoking, it is no wonder. Yes, smoking a cigarette may feel or taste good (at least sometimes). But at the same time, smoking is becoming more expensive by the day, it harms our health and it also often turns us into social outsiders. The times when you were able to smoke in bars or restaurants are long gone.
However, anyone who has ever made a serious attempt to finally stop smoking knows that it is far from easy. The first few weeks will leave you moody, stressed and almost constantly feeling the urge to smoke. Not to mention the almost inevitable weight gain. And even if you really manage to go for a few weeks or months without a cigarette, you're still in constant danger of a relapse. Even one cigarette during an evening with friends has turned many non-smokers into smokers again.
So quitting smoking is really hard - but maybe it doesn't have to be anymore today. For some years now, there has been a new aid in the form of e-cigarettes. And in contrast to nicotine patches or chewing gum, it not only satisfies the physical addiction to nicotine, but also the mental desire to drag on a cigarette and inhale the smoke. Or in this case at least the vapour.

New study confirms how effective e-cigarettes are as a cessation aid

A new study by The New England Journal of Medicine recently confirmed how effective e-cigarettes can be as an aid to stop smoking. The study observed nearly 900 smokers who were finally trying to overcome their addiction. They were randomly divided into two groups.
The first group was treated with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This primarily included the use of nicotine patches in combination with short-term aids such as chewing gum, inhalers or mouth spray.
The other group received a refillable e-cigarette and several bottles of e-liquid. In addition, they were taught how to use the devices. The members of this group were then encouraged to buy more liquids in their desired strength. In addition, both groups received personal support in face-to-face meetings during the first four weeks of the study.

The results of the study

During the initial phase of the study, the participants of both groups used their assigned tools almost on a daily basis. After a while, however, a strong trend became apparent between the groups. Of the participants who smoked again after one year, about 4 out of 10 people in the group that received e-cigarette were still using the devices, while only about 4 out of a 100 people in group 2 still used their cessation aids. Among those who were still smoke-free after one year, 80 percent still used the e-cigarettes and only 9 percent used the other aids.
Of those participants who still smoked after one year, at least some managed to reduce their smoking by around 50 percent. Among e-cigarette users, this number was almost twice as high as among the other group (13 percent vs. 7 percent).
The results of the study are therefore extremely encouraging. The use of e-cigarettes helped significantly more participants to finally quit smoking. However, there is also a small problem here: after all, most of these people still used the devices after a year. The e-cigarette is therefore only really useful as a cessation aid if the technology is actually safer for your health than normal cigarettes.

The health consequences of using e-cigarettes are becoming more and more known 

Since the technology has been available on the market for quite some time now, we already have countless results from studies on its effects on human health. One study in the past suggested that the use of e-cigarettes is only about 5 percent as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Moreover, a new study found almost no health risks for participants who had been using e-cigarettes for more than 2 years.
This clearly shows that e-cigarettes are much better for your health than normal cigarettes. Although it is still best to avoid both of them, the new technology offers smokers an effective and healthier alternative.

Hong Kong Plans to Ban E-Cigarettes - a Sensible Measure or Dangerous Nonsense?

The Hong Kong government has recently unveiled plans to make the import, sale, manufacture and marketing of “new smoking products” illegal. As of 20th February, 2019, any person or company that violates any of the above prohibitions will be fined HK$50,000 (£4,883). 
With the new law, China's Special Administrative Region is joining a number of other states and countries where e-cigarettes and similar products are also illegal. Alternative products to tobacco cigarettes are banned in 39 jurisdictions around the world, including Brazil, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. In other countries, such as Australia, some products are regulated. In these cases, only liquids for e-cigarettes without nicotine content may be purchased and used.
The fight against this new technology raises the question of whether such bans really make sense or whether they pose a threat to society. Over the last few years, there have been countless success stories of former smokers who were finally able to overcome their addiction with the help of e-cigarettes.
In this article, we want to find out what’s behind the new ban on e-cigarettes in Hong Kong. In doing so, we will try to answer the question of whether this is a sensible measure or whether the law poses a danger to society.

What is behind the new law?

At first glance, the announcement for the new law in Hong Kong is very surprising. After all, there is almost no other country in the world that suffers more from the health consequences of smoking as China - over 50% of male adults smoke, and lung cancer is the most common cause of death. A ban on healthier alternatives, which have been proven to be effective in combating cigarette addiction, seems more than questionable.
According to the Hong Kong government, the reason for the ban is to protect young people from e-cigarettes. Protecting young people is deemed more important than providing a healthier alternative for smokers. According to Antonio Cho-shing Kwong, chairman of the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health, e-cigarettes are marketed as trendy products for young people who do not yet smoke. Since the share of smokers among secondary school children is less than 2.5%, products that attract these children are very dangerous.

What are the pros and cons for banning alternatives to tobacco products?

Rather surprisingly, there are some facts that support the statements of Antonio Cho-shing Kwong. For example, only half of the 3 million users of e-cigarettes in the UK are former smokers. In the USA, too, the devices have already faced a lot of criticism. The company JUUL, whose devices account for 75% of the total market for alternatives to tobacco products, was criticised for marketing their products specifically to young people. 
In reality, however, these statements should be put into perspective. For instance, it’s impossible to determine how many e-cigarette users would have started smoking without the new technology. The percentage of underage smokers is lower than ever before - and it continues to fall every year.
As important as the protection of minors is, a complete ban on e-cigarettes is unlikely to be the best solution. In addition, it is very possible that the protection of minors is not the main reason for the ban. There have been several cases in the past where political reasons (e.g. lost tax revenues from tobacco products) were the real reason for bans on e-cigarettes.


The ban of e-cigarettes in Hong Kong is most definitely a negative development. Even though the long-term consequences of consuming e-cigarettes are not yet fully established, it’s widely accepted that the devices are up to 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Given the enormous health risks for smokers, it is safe to assume that a ban on alternative products in countries like China will cost millions of lives in the long run.
Whatever the exact reason for the ban, it’s no question that there are better solutions. Governments could impose stricter requirements on e-cigarette manufacturers in regards to marketing their products. A complete ban on the use of e-cigarettes is likely to only have two consequences: either the sale and use of e-cigarettes will be driven underground, or users will switch back to normal cigarettes. In the long run, both alternatives are decidedly bad for both the population and the government.

New Study Shows Smokers that Switch to E-Cigarettes Are More Likely to Stay Smoke-Free

It’s 2019, and one thing hasn’t changed: many smokers still wish they could finally give up their bad habit once and for all. The always rising costs, the hassle of the addiction, and of course the dangers to human health – there is no shortage of reasons to stop smoking.
But as most smokers will know only too well, quitting is anything but easy. First of all, there is the physical addiction to nicotine. It is much stronger than most people would expect. According to some experts, the addiction to nicotine is as strong as the addiction to hard drugs like heroin or cocaine.
But even if you satisfy the need for nicotine - for instance through chewing gum or patches with nicotine - you still have a psychological addiction to smoking that cigarette. Depending on the person, it can be almost as hard to beat as the physical addiction. Long-term smokers in particular have developed psychological connections over time that cannot be broken so easily. Examples for these connections are the cigarette with coffee or after a meal.
Quitting smoking is therefore not only difficult, but almost impossible - or is it not? For a few years now, smokers have finally had access to a new technology that makes it relatively easy for them to escape their addiction. Since the e-cigarette was introduced, there have been countless reports from people who were finally able to quit smoking with the help of the vapour-based alternative.

Advantages of e-cigarettes

The great thing is that many former smokers reported how easy it was for them to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes. Many people did not experience any serious withdrawal symptoms. The reason for this is that the e-cigarette not only satisfies the nicotine addiction, but also the mental craving for a cigarette.
In addition, e-cigarettes are relatively cheap compared to other aids. Once you have bought the device, you only have to buy liquids and new vaporizers, both of which are very cheap to buy. Even those who vape regularly shouldn't spend more than 10 to 20 pounds per month.

Study shows: vapers have a lower risk of starting smoking again

In addition to the known advantages of e-cigarettes, a new study from Sheffield Hallam University now revealed more promising findings. The study examines the benefits and risks of e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking. The study is funded by Heart Research UK, who are interested in the effects of the use of e-cigarettes on the cardiovascular system.
The study is monitoring former smokers over a period of 6 months after switching from normal to electronic cigarettes. The participants are divided into 3 groups: One group receives e-cigarettes with nicotine, the second group receives nicotine-free e-cigarettes and the third group receives support through nicotine replacement therapy from a facility in Sheffield to help smokers quit.
All participants also receive the same form of therapy to help them quit. This is to ensure that the difference was really only achieved through the use of e-cigarettes.
The first findings of the study show that people from one of the groups with e-cigarettes are much less likely to start smoking again. After the study is finished, the researchers will examine the participants more closely. The groups will be divided into successful and unsuccessful participants in order to find the reasons why only some of them were able to overcome their addiction. 

But are e-cigarettes actually healthier?

A common prejudice against e-cigarettes is that they are just as unhealthy as normal tobacco cigarettes. However, these prejudices have already been almost completely refuted by several long-term studies. For example, Public Health England has reported that electronic cigarettes are about 95% less harmful to human health.
Even if truly long-term studies are still lacking, it is already safe to say that e-cigarettes are a far "healthier" alternative to normal cigarettes. Of course, the goal when stopping should always be to use the new technology as a temporary help and then stop using e-cigarettes as well. However, even if a person vapes for a lifetime, it is likely to be much better than smoking cigarettes for the same period. 

Study Warns: Trying even a Single Cigarette Turns Most People Into Smokers

Do you remember your first cigarette? For most smokers, it was probably among their friends when they were teenagers or young adults. Resisting group pressure is not easy - especially as a young person. And even those who start smoking later in life were often only interested in trying out how a cigarette actually tastes.
The majority of smokers had probably not planned to continue smoking for the rest of their lives when they first smoked their first cigarette. However, in many cases that's exactly what happened. And now researchers finally have the first evidence of the addictive nature of that first smoke. According to the results of the study, a single cigarette is likely to turn a person into a smoker.
Today we take a closer look at the results of the study. We want to find out whether trying out a single cigarette is really that dangerous. What exactly was tested and what were the exact results? Read on to find out.

What was the study about?

The study was conducted by researchers from Queen Mary University of London to investigate the behaviour patterns of smokers. They analysed data from more than 8 individual studies in which a total of more than 215,000 people were surveyed. These included people from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
The focus of the study was on the consequences of experimenting with cigarettes. In other words, how likely was it that a person would later become a smoker after trying a single cigarette?

What were the findings?

Around 60% of the people surveyed reported that they smoked their first cigarette as a kind of experiment. Whether it was as a teenager in a circle of friends or while drinking alcohol at a party, the majority of respondents started smoking after simply wanting to try a single cigarette.
On top of that, 67% of the group said that they ended up smoking every day. And that their experiment had turned into a lifelong habit.  
The leading researcher of the study, Prof. Peter Hajek, said about the study that is the first time that the remarkable effects of trying a single cigarette was shown. The size of the study underlined its significance. He went on to state that the conversion rate from "first-time smokers" to "daily smokers" was surprisingly high and showed the importance of preventing experimental consumption of cigarettes.

Positive findings of the study

Fortunately, the study also had some positive findings. In recent years, there has been a dramatic reduction in the percentage of smokers among young people. In the United Kingdom, the percentage of 11- to 15-year-olds who have ever smoked a cigarette is only at 19%. This clearly demonstrates to the researchers that things are moving in the right direction.
The reason for the drastic reduction in the number of young smokers is, of course, the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes. Even though the technology has been available for some time now, the devices have only really become popular over the last few years.  
The reason for the drastic reduction in the number of young smokers is, of course, the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes. Even though the technology has been available for some time now, the devices have only really become popular over the last few years.
The biggest reason for this may be the fact that the health consequences of consuming electronic cigarettes are being researched more and more. Especially in the first years after the introduction of e-cigarettes, the devices had to struggle with a lot of distrust from people. Many people felt that they did not know how e-cigarettes would affect human health in the long run.
However, several studies have shown that e-cigarettes are not nearly as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. People seem to realize this because the number of steamers is constantly increasing.
Besides the researchers of the study had still another further realization to E-Zigaretten. Thus the study showed clearly that only very few nonsmokers, who try out a E-Zigarette, become daily users at the end. The situation is here thus completely different than with the smokers. This fact allows some interesting conclusions to be drawn.
The physical addiction to nicotine does not seem to be the main problem of the addiction to cigarettes. Instead, it looks as if smokers' behavior patterns are more crucial to how likely they are to develop an addiction later on. In addition, there is probably the cultural factor. Cigarettes are much more accepted in most countries than e-cigarettes. Thus there is not only a physical and mental component to the addiction to cigarettes, but also a cultural one. 

Experts Estimate: E-Cigarettes Help Nearly 20,000 People Quit Smoking

Ah, yes, quitting smoking. Millions of people have tried, but only a small fraction of them were successful in the end. Most smokers would probably prefer to quit, but many of them don't even try. After all, they know beforehand how difficult it will be and how poor their chances of success are.
Aids like nicotine patches or chewing gum have also proven to be ineffective over the years. The most likely reason is that the physical addiction to nicotine is only part of the problem. Unfortunately, these aids don't satisfy the need for actually dragging on a cigarette and inhaling the smoke. Even though physical dependence on nicotine is a crucial factor in fighting addiction, our minds play a similarly important role.
However, for some years now there has been a new aid for smokers who want to kick their habit: the e-cigarette. And unlike all previous aids, the new technology manages to cover both components of addiction at the same time. Those who use liquids with nicotine content get both a dose of nicotine and the satisfaction of inhaling smoke (or in this case vapour).
What sounds good in theory seems to work well in practice too. First studies have now revealed  how effective e-cigarettes really are as a stop smoking aid. Today we will look at the results of one of these studies. How effective is the new technology really? And is vaping really as safe as we think it is? The following article will tell you more.

What were the results of the study?

The study was conducted in 2015 by University College London (UCL) and Cancer Research UK. It examined how many smokers succeed in overcoming their addiction in the long term. More importantly, what were the differences between those who were successful and those who were not?
Based on the results of this study, the researchers estimate that around 18,000 people in England managed to become “long-term ex-smokers” in 2015 through the help of e-cigarettes. They further said that the share of smokers who tried to quit was roughly the same as in the previous years. The fact that more of them were successful was therefore clearly due to the help of e-cigarettes.
According to Alison Cox, director of prevention at Cancer Research UK, quitting smoking is incredibly hard. Stop smoking services are still the most effective method for quitting, and every smoker looking to quit should use them. At the same time, the study shows that electronic cigarettes are also a great tool.
In the UK alone, around 100,000 people die every year from the consequences of using tobacco products, which are the leading preventable cause of cancer. The number of e-cigarette users in the UK was estimated at 2.8 million in 2015. Combined with the results of the study, these figures clearly show the wide-ranging effects that the new technology can have.

Are e-cigarettes really safe?

In spite of all the positive findings, many people still have concerns about e-cigarettes. One fear, for example, is that many non-smokers would start using electronic cigarettes. According to Prof. Robert West of the UCL Health Behaviour Research Centre, England often has a reputation for having too positive of an opinion of e-cigarettes. When looking at the results of the study, however, we can now see that the relatively liberal regulation of e-cigarettes is probably justified.
Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director of the British Heart Foundation, said that almost one in five adults smoke in the UK. This greatly increases their risk of cardiovascular disease. Stopping smoking is by far the most important step one can take to improving their heart health. Since many people are finally able to do this with the help of e-cigarettes, the technology should be promoted and not condemned.
At the same time, he stressed the importance of long-term studies on the impact of e-cigarette use on human health. Only studies of this kind can prove once and for all that the devices are really safe.
However, it should already be proven that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. After all, researchers know exactly what happens in our bodies when we smoke a cigarette. And they have a pretty good idea what happens when we inhale e-cigarette vapour as well.

Electronic Cigarettes from a Dental Perspective

The e-cigarette is becoming increasingly popular. More and more smokers are discovering steaming and switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaporizers. A controversial debate has now emerged regarding whether the electronic cigarette is dangerous compared to conventional smoking, and if so, what are those dangers? Governments and experts seem to be at a loss and cannot form a common opinion on the subject, so we’ll try to get to the bottom of things in this article.
The pros and cons of the cigarette are also discussed with regards to the field of dentistry.

The Electronic Cigarette Introduces Itself

Many people still do not know exactly what an e-cigarette is. In simple terms, it is a device which produces vapor. The liquid in the container of the vaporizer is heated to 200 degrees Celsius. This vapor is then inhaled by the user, thus simulating the consumption of a conventional tobacco cigarette.
This fact makes vaping attractive to smokers who see it as a chance to get rid of their habit, which is usually very difficult. These types of cigarettes are by no means a new thing. The first product was patented in 1965 in the USA. The modern e-cigarette, as we know it today, was developed by Hon Lik of China. It was supposed to help his father, a heavy smoker, to overcome his vice. In 2005 he patented his invention, an electronic evaporator with a container for the liquid.

The Different Models

The first generation of e-cigarettes looked like conventional cigarettes. They are still available today and are often bought by newcomers due to their low price.
The second generation looks more like a pen and has a refillable cartridge. The third generation of modern evaporators has several additional features. For example, the voltage can be adjusted to allow steamers to customize the unit. Today, nearly 500 different models with several thousand liquids and different flavors are available on the market.

Who Uses E-cigarettes?

The electronic cigarette is used primarily for smoking cessation. As a general rule, steamers are former smokers and people generally do not become steamers from the beginning.
However, there is also some criticism, because it is assumed that young people are attracted to steaming. The devices often look stylish and the liquids are available with tasty flavours. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that these consumers will switch from steaming to smoking.
Another problem of the e-cigarette is the lack of regulation. There are no worldwide standards. In Europe, the following rules apply:
  • Containers containing nicotine must have child resistant closures.
  • The packaging has to clearly indicate the content of nicotine.
  • Manufacturers are not allowed to promote positive health benefits.
  • Labels from the tobacco industry must not be used.

E-cigarettes from a Dental Perspective

Although long-term studies still need to be carried out, it has been found that e-cigarettes can be effective in smoking cessation. After all, 22.5% of smokers have managed to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes completely while another 32.5% have been able to reduce their consumption considerably.
So far, there are no studies stating whether the short-term use of liquids causes damage to health. Also, little attention has been paid to dental aspects. This is quite a surprise because it has been proven that tobacco consumption causes damage to the mouth and teeth.
There are some studies showing that vaping probands have been surveyed, with dryness and irritation in the oral cavity stated most often. It can be safely assumed that the damage can be widely reduced and that the risks of diseases such as oral cancer and periodontitis can also be reduced.
Clinical studies could not show any significant negative effects of nicotine itself. Damage is usually caused by tar and other toxic substances released during the burning of the tobacco.
In fact, e-liquids contain far fewer toxic substances than tobacco cigarettes. Another positive aspect is that no yellowish plaque will form, which is a contributing factor for periodontitis.

What Does the Future of the E-cigarette Look Like?

The coming years could become interesting for the development of the electronic cigarette. Following this trend, the tobacco industry will also be involved in the production and research, due to the increasing market share of the e-cigarette.
When medics are asked for their opinion, they are usually reluctant, as long-term studies are still pending. In addition, the legal status of this product is still uncertain. The answers given by the doctors also depend on their country of residence. For instance, while no regulations have been made in Germany, it is a different story in Great Britain, where the e-cigarette is legal.
In summary, the electronic cigarette has many positive features, and only a few negative ones. The e-cigarette could therefore play a crucial role in the battle against tobacco consumption.

The Social Benefits of the E-cigarette

The benefits and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes is a controversial issue, both with medical experts and consumers. There are numerous prejudices and also a lot of false information circulating on the Internet.
However, despite the conflicting opinions that the different sides put forward, it cannot be disputed that e-cigarettes have many advantages—from cosmetic effects to health benefits—when compared with tobacco cigarettes.
The benefits of the e-cigarette are as follows:

1. Vaping is Better for the Environment

It is well-known that smoking tobacco cigarettes is not only harmful to the smoker and their immediate surroundings, but also to the environment. It is not just the harmful smoke, but also the cigarette butts. According to studies, billions of smokers worldwide produce 4.5 trillion butts each year, all of which are released into the environment. That equals a mountain of 750,000 tons, a scary statistic when you consider that the harmful substances which remain in the butts are classified as hazardous waste.
In addition, tobacco has to be grown, and 200,000 hectares of forest fall victim to its production every year. Since the plant is usually cultivated in developing countries, environmental protection standards are rarely respected.
If all smokers switched to electronic cigarettes, the above-mentioned problems and effects on the environment would no longer be an issue.

2. Possibility of Socialization

In the meantime, numerous communities on the Internet have joined forces to exchange ideas, and to meet-up in real life. For many it has even become a hobby or a passion, because there are so many aspects that can be discussed, e.g., the production of liquids, experience with steaming, and instructions to develop evaporators at home.

3. Vaping Supports Smoking Cessation

It is very difficult to stop smoking. Many smokers have tried in vain to quit their habit, using everything from chewing gum to nicotine patches. The reason this rarely works has to do with the lack of haptic experience—the smoker wants to have something in their hands, something that will allow them to inhale and exhale smoke.
The e-cigarette is an excellent solution for this issue, and as a result numerous smokers have now managed to get rid of tobacco cigarettes completely or to reduce their consumption.
The advantage is the fact that the nicotine content can be regulated and thus lowered. There are also steamers who abstain from the addition of nicotine completely. Another advantage is that the e-cigarette does not produce dangerous byproducts such as tar.

4. Cosmetic Benefits of the E-cigarette

Another benefit of the electronic cigarette is the fact that it leaves no unpleasant odor. This is one of the reasons why many people have banned traditional cigarettes from apartments and rented accommodation.
This problem is completely eliminated by the e-cigarette. In fact, many non-smokers describe the smell of steam as pleasant. There are various flavors with the smell of vanilla, strawberry, woodruff, chocolate etc. This variety of products is another great advantage for the steamer.
Yellowed wallpaper and curtains are also a thing of the past. Likewise, there are no full ashtrays anymore and foul-smelling clothing is no longer a problem.

5. Consuming E-cigarettes Eliminates Passive Smoking

The smoking of tobacco cigarettes is a nuisance to non-smokers and also very dangerous. Smoking is not only unpleasant but can also harm your health. The smoke alone contains more than 7,000 chemicals, several hundred of which are toxic while 70 can cause cancer.
According to the Surgeon General Report, 2.5 million non-smokers have died as a result of passive smoking since 1964. Pregnant women and children are particularly affected by the passive inhalation of cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke can cause asthma, respiratory infections and even sudden infant death syndrome. Strokes, heart diseases and lung cancer can also cause issues for adults.
These risks are greatly reduced by switching to e-cigarettes. So, while steaming is not a complete solution, it can reduce serious health, cosmetic and social problems.

Benefits and Disadvantages of E-cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is becoming increasingly popular. Smokers have used nicotine patches, hypnosis and chewing gum to try and quit for years, but it’s usually in vain. Vaping, however, could be the solution they have been looking for.
The e-cigarette offers a number of advantages to consumers, but it also has some disadvantages. It’s those pros and cons that we will take a look at here.



E-cigarette liquids may contain nicotine, but not in combination with dangerous substances such as tar and other carcinogenic compounds that are produced by burning tobacco. After all, nicotine does not cause cancer.

Evaporation is Possible without Nicotine

E-liquids are available with or without nicotine. The consumer can buy liquids with different nicotine strengths. There are products with 16 mg, but also ones with only 3 mg, thus allowing the user to gradually reduce the strength. Many former smokers have managed to reduce their nicotine consumption to zero by using liquids without nicotine.

British Study Proves: E-cigarettes are Much Less Harmful

A study carried out in the UK has shown that e-cigarette vapor releases far fewer pollutants than a traditional tobacco cigarette. One reason for that is a lower temperature. While tobacco is heated to several hundred degrees when burned, the combustion of an e-liquid reaches a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius at most.

Many “Switchers” Feel Healthier

Of course, the best solution is to stop smoking altogether, but very few people are able to do this and steaming does not suit everyone. On the other hand, however, smokers who switch report feeling fitter and healthier after switching to vaping. Increased endurance in sports is also a factor.

E-cigarettes are Cheaper

Anyone who consumes tobacco cigarettes on a regular basis knows how high the expenses can be. Compared to the cost of cigarettes, the expenses for liquids and vaporizers are significantly less. The purchase of the battery and the evaporator is expensive, at least in the beginning, but there are now cheap entry-level models on the market. Cheap devices are available for an initial budget of €20. As far as the liquids are concerned, the costs amount to €40 per month. These expenses can be reduced further if the consumer mixes their liquids themselves, the ingredients for which they can purchase online at reputable vendors.

E-cigarettes are Cleaner

Smokers know: full ashtrays look unappetizing and spread an unpleasant odor. Smoke from a tobacco cigarette leaves unsightly yellowish deposits on wallpaper and curtains. With steaming these problems are a thing of the past. In addition, the change to steaming has another positive effect: No unpleasant nicotine smell sticks to clothes and hair and the harmful yellowish plaque disappears, which also greatly reduces the risk of dental disease. The aesthetic improvement is clearly visible.


No Long-term Studies Available

Since the e-cigarette is still a fairly new product, there have been no studies performed over a longer period. Therefore, it is not yet known whether steaming causes long-term health damage.

Teenagers Can be Tempted to Consume Nicotine

Critics believe that steaming is drawing more young people into nicotine addiction, acting as a gateway habit of sorts. The devices sometimes look pretty stylish and chic, and the liquids have appealing tastes like strawberry, woodruff and toffee. This fact alone could attract young people.
On the other hand, these products are not legally allowed to be sold to people under the age of 18. The same laws that apply to cigarettes also apply to both evaporators and liquids. There is also no evidence to suggest that steamers switch to tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes are not Regulated

Another disadvantage of these products is that they are not regulated, at least not yet. There are no quality controls of the type that exist for tobacco cigarettes. However, the first steps towards such regulation have already been taken and this may be a non-issue in the near future.
As mentioned above, the sale of the products to young people is prohibited. Furthermore, there are products available on the Internet which can be classified as dubious. Evaporators of inferior quality can lead to explosions causing serious injuries.



There is still no final and definite proof whether electronic cigarettes are harmful or not. Long-term studies have to be undertaken before we can know for sure. However, many smokers have managed to break free from their addictions due to the e-cigarette, and that’s a benefit that can’t be overlooked.

New Year's Resolution Finally Quit Smoking: With the Help of E-Cigarettes

The new year is approaching which means it’s the perfect time to finally change your life and live more healthily. For many people, New Year’s Day is not just another day, but a chance to make a big change. It’s time to say goodbye to bad food and laziness and hello to daily exercise and healthy food—or at least, that’s the plan.
In reality, things don’t quite work out as planned. Most resolutions fail within the first few days – if they get started at all. If you wake up with a headache and hangover on the 1st of January, chances are you won’t feel like starting a new active lifestyle.
The biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they usually don’t involve a plan and are merely wishful thinking. Few people actually have a strategy for implementing resolutions into their day-to-day life.
This is also the main issue with the most common New Year’s resolution: quitting smoking. It always sounds easy and achievable, but once the new year rolls around, it is much harder than anticipated.
However, there might finally be a cure for this problem. A few years ago, a new tool to help smokers quit was invented and has since helped countless smokers to kick their habit. As you might have guessed, we’re talking about the e-cigarette. If it is used correctly, it can offer smokers a relatively easy way to quit. So, if you finally want to stop smoking next year then make sure you have this tool on your side and you may actually succeed.

Quitting Through E-Cigarettes—does this actually work? 

There has been a lot of criticism of e-cigarettes in the past, but we know one thing for sure: These devices are by far the most effective way to quit smoking.
Any smoker who has ever tried to quit with the help of nicotine patches or chewing gum knows how difficult it can be. Even if the physical addiction is satisfied, the psychological desire remains. Smokers often underestimate the mental side of addiction, failing to realise that it can be stronger than the physical addiction.
The e-cigarette manages to satisfy both components of addiction at the same time. Depending on the chosen liquid, e-cigarette users get their nicotine and at the same time the satisfaction of inhaling smoke (or in this case vapour).
Since the invention of the e-cigarette, there have been numerous reports from smokers confirming how effective it is as a cessation aid. According to these reports, electronic cigarettes have many advantages over other tools to quit smoking. That’s why they could deliver the help you need to finally make your New Year’s resolution come true.

The Optimal Strategy

If you want to finally quit smoking next year, you should develop a strategy for it right now. And we're here to help you. After all, everything is easier if you have a well thought-out plan and concrete goals. They not only provide the necessary structure, but also the right motivation.
When creating your strategy for quitting, the first thing you should consider is that there are e-liquids with different nicotine levels. For instance, the liquids for the Cigalike are available in the following strengths:
  • 19 mg nicotine—strong and good to start with.
  • 11 mg nicotine—less strong and good to reduce nicotine dependence.
  • 0 mg nicotine—when you still need the “activity” but not the nicotine. 
The optimal strategy for quitting looks like this: On the 1st of January, fill your e-cigarette with the strongest liquid (19 mg) to keep your withdrawal symptoms to a minimum. Many heavy smokers report that they don’t experience withdrawal symptoms at all.
After one week, you should change to a liquid with less nicotine. This approach will allow you to lower your nicotine dependency step by step. Alternatively, you could simply use your e-cigarette less frequently.
For the final step, you should then switch to a nicotine-free liquid. That way you can conquer your physical addiction to nicotine before you finally quit vaping as well, living smoke-free forever after!

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