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Batteries in e-cigarettes

Of course, like many other electronic devices, e-cigarettes also use batteries to power the evaporator. The battery is one of three main modules that are installed in most electronic cigarettes: evaporator (also called vaporiser), liquid tank and battery. The performance and quality of a rechargeable battery determines how good the vapour development in the e-cigarette is and how long it can be used before it has to be recharged. Therefore, it is always advisable to use a battery from a known manufacturer.

Options for activating batteries

In most models of electronic cigarettes, the battery is activated in one of two ways. A method is that the user simply sucks on the mouthpiece and the resulting suction via a vacuum switch the battery and evaporator activated (FairSmoke battery). The other method, the battery is activated in the old-fashioned way via a switch. As soon as the user presses the button, the evaporator and battery are activated and the device starts to evaporate liquid in the tank.

Battery units and battery carriers

For e-cigarettes there are two types of construction: battery unit and battery carrier. With the battery units, the battery is firmly connected to the evaporator and the other components of the e-cigarette. As a result, the individual components of the device can not be replaced, and if, for example, the evaporator is worn or the battery has a faulty fault, the entire device must be replaced. Thus, this design is usually used only in disposable models that are quite cheap to buy and only for temporary operation. The battery units also have other disadvantages: the user has no control over the wattage or the temperature development in the evaporator. The advantage of rechargeable battery units is that the devices are very user-friendly and the user does not have to worry about the compatibility of rechargeable battery and e-cigarette.

In the case of the battery carriers, however, all components of the e-cigarette can be replaced. For example, the user can decide for themselves which type of rechargeable battery or evaporator they want to use in their device. In addition, the battery carriers (also known by the English term Mods) offer many more advantages. For example, the user may control many parameters of the electronic cigarette. By controlling the wattage, for example, the electrical resistance of different evaporators can be compensated. This is expressed in ohms (Ω) and is different for each evaporator. The higher the resistance, the more wattage the battery should deliver to the evaporator. By controlling the temperature development in the evaporator, the user can also perfectly control the vapor evolution depending on the liquid used. Since each mixture of PG and VG at a different temperature reaches the optimum vapor development, the battery carriers are therefore by far the most popular variant with experienced steamers.

Battery types for electronic cigarettes

There are generally two different types of rechargeable batteries for e-cigarettes. On the one hand, there are models in which the batteries can be replaced and look like large batteries, which are known from flashlights or other electrical devices. Of course, these have the advantage that the battery can be easily replaced when worn. In addition, the user can decide for himself, from which manufacturer the battery comes. For example, such a battery from Samsung or Sony can be used for a device from another manufacturer. However, it is very important that the user always uses the right battery for their own device. Otherwise, it can lead to dangerous malfunctions.

In the other variant of the battery is connected directly to the evaporator of the e-cigarette. As a result, the battery can not be replaced, and in case of wear or other defects, the entire device must be replaced. On the other hand, there is no danger that a wrong battery will be used in the device. This method is mainly used in entry-level models, in the so-called "mods" are always used interchangeable batteries.

Another distinction between the different battery types is whether the battery is clocked, clocked or regulated. With clocked batteries, the exact same output is always produced, regardless of the duration of use and residual charge. This type of battery is most commonly found in electronic cigarettes. In the case of uncalculated batteries, on the other hand, higher power is produced at the beginning, which then becomes weaker and weaker until the battery is completely discharged. This type of battery is rarely found in e-cigarettes. Finally, there are still regulated batteries in which the power can be adjusted manually. Thus, the steam evolution for different evaporator heads (so-called "coils") can be regulated. Higher resistance coils (expressed in Ω) require higher battery power to produce the same amount of vapor. This type of battery is mainly used in more sophisticated models such as the mods and preferred by many fans of e-cigarettes, because it gives them much more freedom to produce the optimal steam development.

While there are many different types of batteries, almost all of them today are lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery is used today in almost all electrical devices, from cell phones to laptops to electric cars. It provides several advantages over older technologies. Not only can lithium-ion batteries store significantly more energy, they are also lighter, but also have much longer lifetimes and, moreover, do not need to be completely emptied each time to deliver optimal long-term performance. For older technologies such as NiCa or NiMH batteries, the user had to completely empty and then fully charge them with each charging cycle in order to avoid faster wear. Another advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they can be used directly after receiving the product and do not have to be fully charged. Although some manufacturers still recommend this, there is basically no reason for it, because it makes no difference to the technology.

When unloading, however, users should pay attention to lithium-ion batteries that they never completely empty them. Namely, as soon as the voltage drops below about 2.5 volts, problems with the detection by the device can occur and the life of the battery can be extremely shortened. Thus, such a case can already cause a reduction of the service life of up to 20%. To avoid this, it is advisable to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries every day as possible. The maximum charge for these batteries is usually 4.2 volts, at the level of 2.8 volts they should be recharged at the latest. When used regularly, most e-cigarettes should have an average lifespan of two to four hours.

Even if the battery is not used for a long time, it should be recharged before using it for the first time, as it will automatically deflate over time. Furthermore, it is recommended for longer storage times that the battery is not previously charged to 100%. This can affect the life of the battery, because a higher voltage accelerates the aging process. In addition to these tips, batteries should of course always be stored in cool and dry places and also not together, but always separated from each other.

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History of the e-cigarette

The invention of the electronic cigarette

While people used to think little about the health consequences of smoking, in the second half of the 20th century, awareness began to dawn that cigarettes are extremely harmful to human health and can cause serious long-term health problems. As a result, many people naturally tried to quit smoking. As any smoker will know, this is far from easy. And so, an entire industry of products was quickly developed to help people quit smoking.

From chewing gum with nicotine to patches that provide the body with the addictive substance via the skin, a wealth of aids was quickly found. However, many smokers have missed one thing in all of these things: the feeling of really pulling on a cigarette while inhaling smoke. The addiction of smoking is not only linked to the physical dependence on nicotine, but above all to the mental habit of having a cigarette in the mouth.

With this realization, various people have started to develop an alternative to the ordinary cigarette, which is not or at least less harmful to human health. Already in 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert submitted a patent for a "smoke-free, tobacco-free cigarette", which in principle was identical to the e-cigarette that is so popular today. As with the modern devices, his invention was to use a nicotine-containing liquid which should be converted to steam by heating and inhaled by the user.

Unfortunately, the world's first e-cigarette did not attract investors and was never commercially marketed. And not only that: Until the turn of the millennium, there were no new developments in terms of the introduction of the first e-cigarette. The reasons for this are not well known, but many people suspect that the American tobacco lobby has had a major impact, as they naturally feared a threat to their business and wanted to stop it at all costs. And as is well known, the lobbies of big industries like oil or tobacco in the US have a huge impact on politics, so this explanation is quite plausible.

Another possible reason for the lack of activity in the field of e-cigarettes is that smoking did not really get criticized in society until the 1990s. Until that time, smoking was still allowed in all restaurants, bars and even in airplanes. And while the health risks of cigarettes were slowly becoming known, much of society still did not really care about it. Therefore, it may simply have been the case that the e-cigarette has not yet had a genuine market and therefore no great effort has been made to develop such a product.

Evolution of the e-cigarette as we know it today

Throughout the 1990s, it became known throughout the world that smoking was very unhealthy. A large part of humanity therefore wanted to stop smoking, which suddenly formed a huge market. So it was only a matter of time before a new version of the electronic cigarette was born.

The same thing happened in 2003, when Chinese pharmacologist Hon Lik developed a new device using a similar mechanism to Herbert A. Gilbert's e-cigarette. Again, a nicotine-containing liquid was turned into steam, which the user could then inhale. This steam is known to be much healthier than the smoke of cigarettes, and also gives the consumer the feeling of really pulling on a cigarette. This will make it easier for many people to stop smoking ordinary cigarettes. Hon Lik already used propylene glycol to mix the nicotine-containing liquid, which is vaporized in a cylinder and then inhaled through a mouthpiece. This technology is still used today, making Hon Lik the father of the modern e-cigarette.

The e-cigarette first became popular in China, but already in 2005, the first devices were sold abroad. Since then, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has been steadily growing and today millions of people use this technology every year to quit smoking. Logically, several people started to improve the original version of the e-cigarette and filed patents for improved technologies. Especially in England and in the USA there were many of these patent applications. For example, the vaporizer was used earlier in the mouthpiece and then relocated to the fluid container through a new version, which significantly improved vapor evolution.

The spread of the electronic cigarette

In the years since 2005, the electronic cigarette has become a real alternative to conventional smoking. The tobacco industry also had to realize at some point that the spread of the e-cigarette is unstoppable. That's why today many cigarette manufacturers are working to enter the electronic market themselves. For example, Imperial Tobacco purchased the patent from Hon Link for an incredible $ 75 million.

For governments around the world, the spread of e-cigarettes has created a new challenge. Since no long-term studies were available on this new technology, the issue of regulating e-cigarettes was quite complicated. For example, the World Health Organization published a statement that electronic cigarettes were not officially accepted as a smoking cesspool. Of course, over the years there have been numerous studies to determine the compatibility of e-cigarettes with human health.

Nevertheless, the e-cigarette was initially banned in several countries. In Australia and Canada, for example, the technology was completely illegal at the beginning. Other countries, such as the United States, regulated the import of e-cigarettes. And in Germany there were several court decisions on the inclusion of e-cigarettes in the drug law. Meanwhile, the e-cigarette is allowed in some of these countries, but still regulated.

Cars & Coffee Bavaria, a fantastic meeting and line up of all kind of Sportcars


Last Sunday it was again the time of the year where people of Munich and Bavaria meets up together to talk about nice cars, sportcars and horsepower. The Event Cars & Coffee took place for the second time in Bavaria. Like last year Cars & Coffee Bavaria was arranged and coordinated by Marco Schenk (Cruisefire Munich) and the highlight was a great meet up at Tegernsee, from where everyone drove together as a line up to Schloss Schleissheim. That 1 hour drive was organized by Florian Geier, the Ferrari dealer in East Bavaria, Autohaus Blöchl GmbH in 94486 Osterhofen. A great route through the mountains of Bavaria and all the idyllic small cities and landscapes.

Meeting point was at the wellknown Käfer Gut Kaltenbrunn in Gmund am Tegernsee. From there on the 60 drivers was bringing all the sportcars together and after a traditional Bavarian breakfast the Tour could begin. From Tegernsee throught the old beautiful cities of Bavaria. All the way up and down the fantastic mountains and around the great lake Schliersee. After a long Convoy of sportcars, classic cars and special cars another group of Austrian Car enthusiast was joining the group of cars, and nearly all 100 cars continued to the end position at the Schleissheim Castle, beautiful surroundings.

The sponsors of the Event was FairSmoke E-Cigarettes (Munich), Radio Energy (Munich), Caradvance, MBT Sportcars GmbH (Munich), Autohaus Blöchl GmbH (Osterhofen), Michelin und McLaren (Munich).

Every Driver and CO-Driver got at the starting point from Tegernsee a Goody-bag from the Headsponsor FairSmoke as a present.

The electronic cigarettes FairSmoke is operating after the hope to get people start smoking e-cigarettes instead of the normal cigarettes, “a better life without tobacco”!

With music from the DJ Drunken Sailors and fresh Coffee all the participants and the guests could enjoy sportcars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and a lot of other interesting beauties and classic cars, all together around 110 cars joined the Castle Event.

At the end two prices was given for the best sportcar, a Lamborghini Aventador LP750 SV SuperVeloce, and for the best classic car, a Dodge Charger.

Again the Event was great success at the Schleissheim Castle.

We say thanks to Marco Schenk / Cruisefire and his Team.

E-cigarettes in your luggage - what you should pay attention to when traveling

E-cigarettes in the luggage - what must be considered when taking along in the aircraft?

Passionate vaper and those who want to be, often ask themselves the question: What should I pay attention to when I want to take my e-cigarette with me in my luggage while traveling by airpplan? In the following guidebook you will learn everything about the current legal situation in order to avoid nasty surprises at the airline.

Traveling with e-cigarette: important tips and hints

In international aviation there is a total ban on smoking - and this applies to both conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. But: You are allowed to carry your e-cigarettes and their accessories as long as you follow the strict rules of the ICAO (International Aviation Organization).

For example, e-cigarettes may only be transported in hand luggage or directly on the body, but not in the checked in luggage. This has mainly fire protection reasons, because in the past, e-cigarettes - especially cheap brands without switch-on - in the luggage compartment repeatedly caused fires. If the e-cigarettes are in the hand luggage, however, heat and smoke are detected faster, so that is an immediate intervention is possible. In addition, those responsible point out that even the particular pressure conditions on board an aircraft can cause an e-cigarette to catch fire. Also charging the battery of the e-cigarette is prohibited on many airlines. Why, is unclear, because finally smartphones and computers may be charged on board.

Can I smoke my e-cigarettes at the airport?

At airports, you may smoke your e-cigarettes only in the marked areas. Above all, if you are traveling abroad, you should first study the legal situation on the ground, because sometimes threaten high fines, if you ignore the rules - knowingly or accidentally -. In many countries, smoking and steaming is strictly prohibited not only in restaurants and public buildings, but also in public places and many other places. The better you are informed before you travel, the lower the risk that you will have problems traveling with e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette in the luggage: And what about the liquids?

When carrying your liquids in your luggage, you must also follow certain rules that apply to all liquids. For example, liquids may only be transported in a transparent bag, with each bag containing a maximum of 100 milliliters of liquid. Overall, the amount of liquid is limited to a maximum of one liter. Again, please inform yourself before your trip about maximum import volumes and other important customs regulations!

Here is a summary of the topic "E-cigarette in the luggage":

  • Always store your e-cigarette and accessories in your hand luggage
  • Transporting liquids in transparent bag
  • Only transport a maximum of 100 milliliters of liquid per bag (as a FairSmoke consumer, you do not have to worry about this with our closed-system filter solution)
  • A maximum of one liter of liquid per person (equivalent to approx. x packs of FairSmoke filters)

What are the advantages of traveling with e-cigarettes?

Even if you are subject to strict rules when traveling with e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes still offer you many advantages over normal cigarettes. On the one hand, you benefit from a very appealing, authentic design. For example, in the FairSmoke online store you will find our FairSmoke ONE in different colours, so that there is something suitable for your personal style. Your fellow passengers are also happy when you reach for the e-cigarette instead of the conventional cigarette, because only a very small amount of steam is produced. This smells not as penetrating as normal cigarette smoke - on the contrary: many feel the steam of an e-cigarette as very pleasant.

Conclusion: With the e-cigarette in the luggage around the world

Even when traveling by airplane, nobody has to give up their e-cigarette, because e-cigarettes and also the necessary accessories such as liquids and rechargeable batteries may be carried in hand luggage. Although you can not steam on board, but at most airports there are designated areas where you can safely grab the e-cigarette. No matter where your e-cigarette goes - FairSmoke wishes you a pleasant journey!

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FairSmoke e-cigarettes are better for you and better for your teeth. Then you ask why? We will tell you now. In tobacco-based cigarettes, there is both nicotine and tar. Many would think that it is the nicotine that makes your teeth dull and yellowish. But that is only the partial truth. Nicotine is the toxin that causes the miscolouring of your teeth, but only when it is burning with another toxin called tar. Tar and nicotine are both present in tobacco-based cigarettes, which is why you get the odd and yellow stains on your teeth. The good news is that there is no tar in FairSmoke e-cigarettes, so you can enjoy your nicotine without the worry of your teeth changing colour.

Tobacco-based cigarettes
It is an old tale that tobacco-based cigarettes are harmful for your health, we all know that by now. But there is a direct link between smoking tobacco-based cigarettes and bad dental health. Tobacco-based cigarettes contains tar, which seems to be what makes your teeth turn the brown-yellowish colour. Therefore, we suggest you switch to FairSmoke and our e-cigarette, so you can get a healthier you and avoid the brown teeth.

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Vaping and FairSmoke
It is proven that there are some beneficial factors by vaping in order to keep your teeth nice and white compared to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. As studies has shown that vapers have better dental hygiene than tobacco-based cigarette smokers. The study shows that there are beneficial points, when switching from tobacco-based cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In FairSmoke e-cigarette e-liquid there is no tar, which suggest that your teeth will not change colour when vaping.

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Look after your teeth when vaping
There are some points to keep in mind when vaping and using your FairSmoke e-cigarette.

Stay hydrated: it is important to stay hydrated and the e-liquid in your FairSmoke e-cigarette tends to be related with dehydration. Therefore, remember to hydrate yourself with plenty of fluid, when using your FairSmoke e-cigarettes, no matter of the nicotine level in the e-liquid refills.

Pay extra attention and keep brushing: keep taking care of your teeth and remember to brush them as well. That will higher the level of dental hygiene for vapers as well as non-vapers.

By switching your tobacco-based cigarettes with a FairSmoke e-cigarette, it will increase the overall level of dental hygiene. Thereby you can prevent your teeth turning into a brown-yellow colour and they can be white and sparkling at all times. Though you have to remember to take good care of them by brushing your teeth and stay hydrated. Then you are good to go with your FairSmoke e-cigarette.

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FairSmoke e-cigarettes - a better life without tobacco

Fair to nature – Fair to you!

FairSmoke e-cigarettes and e-cigarette products in general are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Their popularity has grown especially in European countries such as Germany, Italy, France and United Kingdom, along with the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The growth in the e-cigarette market within the last couple of years has been tremendous, greatly due to the wide range of reasons why e-cigarettes are beneficial for everyone – both for you as a smoker and your surroundings.

The most evident reasons for the increase in popularity are health and economic benefits. There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are the healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes contain more than 5000 toxins, which are not present in FairSmoke and other electric cigarettes. The most harmful substances in a traditional cigarette are derived from the combustion of tobacco and tar. Even though nicotine can be dangerous in large amounts or in direct contact with skin or eyes, it does not cause cancer like the toxins found in traditional cigarettes do.

One of the other beneficial reasons why FairSmoke is the superior substitute to smoking traditional cigarettes is how eco-friendly it is to nature and the environment surrounding you. If you enjoy skiing, hiking or in any other way enjoy the great outdoors, remember to always bring your FairSmoke e-cigarette to avoid cigarette butts, smoke or ash, making you friendlier to your surroundings. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing or any other outdoor activity: Be fair to nature – use your FairSmoke e-cigarette and keep the slopes and tracks free of cigarette butts. The people visiting after you will benefit from it, too. Remember that FairSmoke helps you and your body to live better life without tobacco, but it is also favourable to the environment.

With FairSmoke´s easy-to-use design, combined with our convenient closed system product, you can quit smoking altogether. It has never been easier! You can find our e-cigarette starter kit HERE and begin the journey to a better life without tobacco now.

In addition to the health and environmental benefits, FairSmoke e-cigarettes are also a less expensive alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you want to save even more money with e-cigarettes, you should go have a look at our subscription packages HERE. These can be customised for the best consumer experience and price.

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