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The FairSmoke Glossary - e-cigarettes easily explained

A section that connects two electrical devices that would not normally be compatible with each other. So you can load your FairSmoke battery in a power outlet, you need our 230 volt adapter. Just plug it into the FairSmoke USB charger and put the battery in for charging.

An atomizer is known as "coil head", "wick" or most commonly "burner". All three terms, however, refer to the same tiny heating element in the battery.

The battery is indispensable for using a FairSmoke e-cigarette because it supplies power to the steam-producing components. Without the battery, the use of an e-cigarette is therefore not possible. The FairSmoke battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge and will last about 1 day when used normally.

"Cigalikes" are e-cigarette models whose design is based on the look of conventional tobacco cigarettes. These are usually so-called "closed system products". These are e-cigarettes, such as FairSmoke, which work with pre-filled refills (including filters) for screwing, instead of self-filling e-liquid tanks.

Closed System
For e-cigarettes, a distinction is usually made between "open system products" and "closed system products". Under the category "open system products", fall the devices that have a built-in tank (Cartomizer). If this is empty, the user must refill it himself manually with e-liquid. On the other hand, "closed system products" are e-cigarettes that work with pre-filled liquid containers, so-called refills. These are simply screwed to the battery and replaced with new ones when they are empty. In developing our FairSmoke products, we the latest system to provide our customers with the most comfortable and easy solution in stressful everyday situation.

The electronic cigarette, often abbreviated as e-cigarette, is an electronic hand-held device. The user has a similar experience to smoking genuine tobacco cigarettes. The heating of a special liquid produces steam, which is inhaled by the user. This liquid is available in different flavours. E-cigarettes are designed primarily as an alternative for smokers who want to quit smoking.

The liquid that is heated and evaporated within an e-cigarette. It offers users an experience comparable to smoking due to their vaporized state, their taste and nicotine content. Without including the 5000+ chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Your FairSmoke e-cigarette works with refills, which are already filled with liquid. This filter system is called "cartomizer" in e-cigarette terms.

FairSmoke Box
The FairSmoke Box is a convenient storage box for your FairSmoke e-cigarette, about the size of a regular cigarette box. It offers enough space for your FairSmoke battery, two filters and your USB charger. (Battery and charger are included in the price of the box.)

FairSmoke ONE
The FairSmoke ONE is smaller than the FairSmoke box and therefore fits in every pocket. Nevertheless, can you easily fit a in battery with a refill on in this stylish single box. The FairSmoke One is available in 9 different colours - choose the one that suits you best!

FairSmoke subscription
Our FairSmoke subscription service is the ideal solution for those who want to live healthier lives by either stopping smoking altogether or at least reducing their consumption.

Your first package includes the filters you have selected and a FairSmoke box, including battery and charger. In the following deliveries you will receive your subscribed filters, as well as a new battery every 30 days. You can change your individual delivery cycle, as well as the content at any time through our customer service.

Short form of "Light-Emitting Diode". LED is a semiconductor that lights up whenever it passes through an electrical charge. Our FairSmoke battery has an LED light that signals the charging process. When it is fully charged it stops glowing.

Nicotine is a parasympathomimetic, as well as an alkaloid found in tobacco plants and solanaceae. It has been scientifically proven that although nicotine can make you addicted, it does not mean that it is carcinogenic or even deadly. Among the FairSmoke refills, the varieties "Red" and "Blue" each contain nicotine in varying amounts. However, the "Silver" filters are completely free of nicotine.

Refills (also called refillers or filters) are essential for the use of e-cigarettes with cartomizer system. In a closed system product, such as the FairSmoke e-cigarette, the refills are simply screwed to the battery.

In addition to the classic tobacco taste, FairSmoke offers refills in 4 other flavours: menthol, apple, liquorice and cherry. All varieties are available in the nicotine strengths "Red" (19 mg), "Blue" (11 mg) and "Silver" (0 mg).

The ingredients of our refills are as follows: nicotine (except in "Silver"), water, tobacco flavor, glycerin, propanediol, polyethylene glycol and triacetin.

Starter Kit
An e-cigarette starter kit includes all the accessories you need to start steaming FairSmoke e-cigarettes. The Starter Kit by FairSmoke includes either a FairSmoke Box or FairSmoke ONE single box (depending on your choice), a rechargeable battery, a USB charger, and 1 pack of 5-filter refills. You can choose freely from our five flavours: tobacco, menthol, apple, licourice or cherry.

USB Charger
The USB charger is essential for every FairSmoke user. Because you need it to charge the battery of your FairSmoke e-cigarette when it goes empty. With the original charger from FairSmoke your battery is fully charged after about 2 hours. Due to its practical size, you can take it everywhere and put it in your laptop or computer when charging. For charging in sockets you need, as already described above, in addition our FairSmoke adapter. Your fully charged battery lasts about 1 day depending on use. If you order a Starter Kit through our online shop or you decide for a subscription, you will automatically get a charger included. If you still need another one (for example, for the car or office) you can always reorder one in the "Box and battery" category of our online shop.

Vaping means inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an e-cigarette. Hence the alternative name for e-cigarettes: "Vapourizer".

The steam generated by an e-cigarette is often referred to as a vapor. The ingredients of the Fair Smoke Steam can be found in our FAQs.