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Trustpilot review - Manuela


Ich bin voll zufrieden
Ich bin voll zufrieden, schnelle Bearbeitung meiner Bestellung und auch der Versand ist flink, auch wenn ich mal ein Pro...
Trustpilot review - Sarah


Ich war sehr erstaunt wie schnell der…
Ich war sehr erstaunt wie schnell der Artikel versendet wurde.
Trustpilot review - Norbert Weinsteiger

Norbert Weinsteiger

Top Design
Endlich eine E-Zigarette die den Namen auch verdient. Sieht aus wie eine Zigarette und schmeckt danach.
Trustpilot review - Renate Mombächer

Renate Mombächer

Alles super
Alles super, Lieferung pünktlich und sorgfältig verpackt.
Trustpilot review - Leonida


Molto soddisfatto
Molto soddisfatto
Trustpilot review - alain


a part la livraison qui est longue (8…
a part la livraison qui est longue (8 jours) le pruduit correspond a ce que je cherche
Trustpilot review - Kunde Mariandl Christensen

Kunde Mariandl Christensen

Altid super service
Altid super service
Trustpilot review - Uwe


schnelle und gute Lieferung ,alles OK
schnelle und gute Lieferung ,alles OK
Trustpilot review - Grethe Ulla Lund

Grethe Ulla Lund

Tilfreds kunde
Jeg havde en uheldig oplevelse sidst jeg handlede hos fairsmoke men efterfølgende har jeg fået kompetation for fejlen su...
Trustpilot review - Elisabeth


Super tilfreds
Jeg er bare super tilfreds med FairSmoke produkterne
Trustpilot review - Manfred


Blitzschnelle Lieferung und gute…
Blitzschnelle Lieferung und gute Kulanz,wenn z.b.etwas defekt ist.In diesem Fall die Batterie.
Trustpilot review - Jette Lone Kirsborg

Jette Lone Kirsborg

bedste smøg uden røg
bedste smøg uden røg
Trustpilot review - Håkan


More expensive than other…
More expensive than other e-cigarettes,but you dont have to mess with the liquids.
Trustpilot review - Uwe


Wahre in gutem Zustand erhalten …
Wahre in gutem Zustand erhalten schnelle Lieferung , also alles i.O. u. OK.!
Trustpilot review - Marianne Forman

Marianne Forman

Altid god service og hurtig levering …
Altid god service og hurtig levering samt et uovertruffent produkt altid en god oplevelse. Marianne Forman


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FairSmoke – a better life without tobacco!

Pure quality in modern design

Our FairSmoke products are designed to look as similar as possible to a normal cigarette. The convenient FairSmoke Box is the same size as a normal pack of cigarettes and the new FairSmoke ONE is delivered in a wide range of beautiful colours. The FairSmoke ONE’s practical design allows you to conveniently carry it in your bag or pocket. All FairSmoke products are equipped with the latest technology in pursuance of guaranteeing a long lifecycle for the battery, as well as ensuring a quality user experience with the product. By choosing FairSmoke you will achieve the best vaping experience on the market with our different tastes and variations of nicotine strengths.

FairSmoke subscription

We offer our customers the possibility to sign up for our FairSmoke subscription service, which includes a monthly package delivery directly to your mailbox. This service makes it easy and convenient for you as a customer to quit the combustible cigarettes. Having your refills delivered right to your door each month saves you the trip to your local store to buy replacements. With a FairSmoke subscription you will also avoid the inconvenience of having to refill your e-cigarette with e-liquids yourself, as our target is to promote simple and user-friendly products, fitting each customers' needs.

Get an overview of our entire product portfolio as well as our current campaign offers on our subscription packages here.

A healthier choice

When choosing FairSmoke as a replacement for, or in addition to, normal cigarettes, you will experience almost the same feeling and taste as with the combustible tar-based cigarettes. The e-liquids used for the FairSmoke e-cigarettes contain no toxins, carcinogenic chemicals or tar without compromising taste, and you will avoid the side effects related to combustion of tobacco.

In order for you as a customer to feel completely safe with our FairSmoke products, we have chosen to list all ingredients used in our e-liquids. The ingredients are as follows:

Nicotine (excluded from the 0mg variants), water, tobacco aroma, glycerine, propanediol, polyethylene glycol and tracetine.

FairSmoke e-cigarettes are developed for smokers who would like to quit or reduce their tobacco consumption. Our e-cigarettes are available with a variety of nicotine strengths to make it possible for you to find the strength that fits your needs. If you normally smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, we recommend you start with the 19mg nicotine variant. You can later switch to our 11mg nicotine variant, to reduce your nicotine intake and dependence, and over time switch to our 0mg nicotine variant.

You can order your FairSmoke e-cigarette in our webshop already today.

Developed for smokers

We have developed our FairSmoke products for smokers with a desire to quit or reduce their cigarette consumption. At FairSmoke we value customer support and satisfaction highly. In order to ensure that you receive the best possible customer service, our support department is available either by phone or e-mail within our normal business hours.

Why wait when you can start your healthier lifestyle today?

Visit our e-cigarette webshop and find the taste that fits your needs, whether you prefer tobacco, menthol, apple, liquorice or cherry.